Starting over after epic fail

Okay starting all over. Fixing to start some Granddaddy Purple autos. What are the recommended nutes? I want to order the kit from here but it’s always sold out… What to do?

Would help if you filled out a support ticket so we know what your growing in and how you plan to be growing it

I’m on it!

Growing outside in CC 40% perlite, 5-gal fiber pots

I’m a soil dry amendments guy so not much help with coco but someone chime in and help I think @beardless is a coco Guru I do know that Jacks is a very popular and it works with all mediums

@dirtydave thanks for the tag. Far from guru but I try to follow recommendations and coco for cannabis guidelines. I have two purple kush growing in coco with 40 - 50% perlite. This the first time using coco. To make watering less demanding I am also trying autopot for the first time. I also switched to Jacks. Coco & Jacks is a natural combination. I am not sure I would recommend growing outside in coco unless you are able to commit to possibly having to water several times a day. Or, do a work around through some sort of water / irrigation system. What is called a sub-irrigated planter (SIP) , also called wicking planter or simple self-watering planter may be something to consider. I have four purple haze growing in 5 gallon SIP filled with peat & perlite.

I recommend taking a look at Coco for Cannabis. I know it has a nutrient recommendation but I don’t recall what line it is. Otherwise Jacks is easy. I use it and supplement with some Advanced Nutrients I have left over.
Shout if you have questions

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What is JACK’S? I’m retired and am able to keep my eyes on them outside all day. They’ll be in a pot because we’ve had a lot of rain here in Texas lately and I can move them inside when I need to.

Jacks 321 is a fertilizer available on AMAZON

You can Google Jacks Nutrients and their website will come up. You can purchase direct also.

First off, isn’t retirement great. It has been 18 months for me. Jack’s 321 formula is a very popular three part fertilizer program used by many cannabis growers. Jack’s nutrients is a line of products produced by JR Peters Corp. Search this forum for Jacks or Jacks 321. Lots of users and advice.
This is Jacks published nutrient schedule

The three primary ingredients are
Part A
Part B
Epsom Salt
Good luck with what ever you decide.

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Do you have a garden supply store near you?