Starting outdoors, moving indoors a few weeks later

I started my first grow in a 4x2 running 3 different strains. They are all in flower but will each finish at different times leaving the tent occupied for some time. I am planning my 2nd grow and it needs to be finished (curing and all) by the end of December. I’m taking a long trip the first week of January and will not be able to tend to a garden.

So, I could buy a whole separate set-up but don’t want to spend the money right now. Question is, can I start the grow outdoors and when the tent is free bring them in? I will be growing autos, starting them in their final pots. I plan to start them at the end of this month to give me 3 months of growth/flower and a month to dry and cure.

I’ve googled and seen a lot about going indoors to outdoors but not the opposite.

Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

Only real issue is you very well could be bringing pests in with you, and keeping lighting cycles in sync

If you’re up to that possibility then I’d see no reason not to do it


That’s all you need to remember. Up until recently I freely moved my plants in and out. Lately I’ve taken to maintaining the indoor strictly for indoor. Once it goes outside, it won’t be coming back in. The reason is the insects. I just don’t want to have to deal with them in the house any longer.


Thank you! I was worried about the bugs. I would hate to have bugs invade my plants/home. My first grow hasn’t seen one gnat. Maybe I will just get another tent…just got to convince the wife. She said the 4x2 was “huge!!” HA! Selling her on another one will take some planning. Thanks again.

The ac infinity 3x3 just what every wife wants for Tent Tuesday (or Thursday if you’re a smooth talker)

I’ll brush up on my smooth talking skills. Not sure it will help. Question for you though, since you’re here, what happens if things get tight in December and I need to harvest. Can I dry, jar and leave them? How do you make sure they won’t get moldy in the jar without burping? Do you just REALLY make sure they’re dry and take the hit on taste?

Ooo beyond my skill set but I hear grove bags are all the rage

I got ya. Me too. I think sometimes we overthink growing. It’s trying to make everything perfect but when home growing it can’t be. I’m happy with a nice home grown organic smoke. I did look at the Grove. Looks like they market to commercial growers.

I bought a few big mason jars but I must admit that the hype behind grove bags is enticing

agreed, and welcome fellow Virginian. i haven’t found the grove bags at a decent price without buying a semi truck full, lol