Starting Outdoor Grow Indoors

Hello to all.
I pose this question to all in the know.
If I am to start my Ladies (femmes) under indoor setup to plant outside in summer sunshine, Should they start under natural light time? eg. If daylight hours are around 12 hours say Should I have the girls under
12 hours indoor light. Newby!

You’ll want to have minimum of 14 hours of light. Most run 18/6.
If you use the 12/12 schedule, assuming these are photoperiod, they will start to flower when mature.

This should guide you in the correct direction for a successful grow! Hopefully you give us updates to follow along. :sunglasses:
Most of all, happy growing! :seedling:


12hrs should be fine when growing from seed to seedling as it will take 6 to 8 weeks before there’s any chance of flowering.

I change lights to 14hrs at 2 weeks and then at 4 weeks to outside daylight times only if I’m starting off during March and plan to plant outside in late May.

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Thank you Covertgrower and jackowhee for your input.
Yes I will make a point of sharing some pics etc, on the progress of the girls.
I am in Southern Hemisphere so, will be starting grow in around late Sept - early Oct down under.
Thank you again
Happy grows to all.