Starting out, some tips needed

Question from a fellow grower:

I joined to learn from many different people. This is my first grow and things are going great so far. I’m wondering how to decide on a fan and how to determine what CFM is needed depending on the size of my grow tent?
Any suggestions and directions would be greatly appreciated. I also have a small amount of white mould spoors on one of my plants. I’ve tried using the milk and water spray mix. Is there another simple, natural cure for this mold?

Thanks for all of your help

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Multiply the height x width x length of your tent to get cubic feet of your tent. Once you have the result, purchase a fan that will replace the cubic feet of air in the tent at least 1x per minute. If you get a fan that will replace the air at least 3x per minute you will have some room to adjust the speed.

Sorry I’m no help on the white mold.

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Thanks for that, currently I’m growing in a homemade setup but I’m moving into a 4x4x7 tent in a week or so. Doing the math and I’ll need a fan that can move 112 cfm at a bare minimum. Dose anyone have suggestions on the brand of fan?

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Also r you going to have a carbon filter on your fan for the smell?

On a tent that size you will want a 6 inch fan. This brand of fan is what a lot of people have good luck with and will recommend. I will be upgrading soon to this brand. One model has a manual speed control and one monitors the temp and will help keep it in a range you set. Like @Killadruid mentioned you may want to add a carbon filter for odor. Chose a fan, filter and ducting and you should be set.

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I’m in the same size tent and I run this fan with the variable speed controller. I have 2 1 as an intake one as an exhaust. It is more then enough for that tent even with a carbon filter.

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Thanks for the mention @Bubblehead. If u have the money I would deffenetally go with the fan he mentioned. Otherwise u can go with a 4 inch but if u want to make sure u get enough air flow get the 6 inch.

Are you planning on running 2 fans or just one?

One teaspoon per gallon mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water should work to kill wpm. Spray plant down 1-2times a day for a couple days and check, repeat if necessary. You’ll want to try and avoid leaving plant wet during lights on, spraying right at lights off is a good idea.

It’s usually caused from high humidity, so try to keep that in check.

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I run a 440cfm 6in fan and works great for me with 2 600w hps mh cool hood reflector and filter and still sucks the sides of the tent in on my 4x4x6 grow tent

Those are some nice fans!

Sulfur, get the ‘wet-able’ powder if u can,
dilute per directions and spray everything.!!

they may show some Sulfur toxicity, but it is better then having the powdery mildew.!
this is a temporary ‘fix’,
the true solution is proper air flow and lower RH.!

Continuing the discussion from Starting out, some tips needed:

Thanks for all the suggestions on the fans and the WPM. I stayed on using the 60% water and 40% milk and every 5 days I sprayed my little girls. Problem has been solved.

I won’t be using a carbon filter, I’m venting straight to the outdoors.

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K glad to hear u ha e figured out ur problem also.