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Hi all! Newbie here who is trying to gain all the knowledge that I can. I am currently living in Virginia and I am trying to grow outdoors. I have auto flowering seeds that I am using in Fox Farm ocean forest soil. I also have fox farm’s liquid fertilizers. When should I start using the fertilizers? Is the soil choice good for my area? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!


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Ocean Forest is usually good for ~6 weeks from the last transplant. The best way to manage nutrients is to get yourself a PPM (also called EC or TDS) meter and begin fertilizing when PPM dips below 1000.

The following chart is for FF products. The first 3 (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom) are really only those that are necessary. The rest of these products can be beneficial, but are not required nor necessary.


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The FF feeding chart says “Feed two time per week” across the top which would imply watering twice a week. I caution strictly following this guidance.

Your plant(s) will tell you when to water. FFOF can hold water if not amended with drainage assistance. Ensure your pot has good drainage.

Early on the plant could only need water once a week or ten days. Later it could require water every day, every other day, or every three days. Each plant will be different.

Water is heavy. When you water the plant lift the pot to get a sense of the weight (~8 lb per gallon). In a few days lift it again to get a sense of how much water the plant is using.

Many plants like a wet-dry cycle. Water and feed, then allow to dry out. Some recommend using your finger to poke down in the soil to test for dryness. But as mentioned above FFOF can hold water so deep down the soil could still be saturated. That’s why weight of the pot is a better indicator IMO. Let the pot get lite before adding more water.

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Thanks for the chart, it definitely helps. I will definitely be monitoring the ppm, I have struggled in the past with burning the poor girls with too many nutrients.

Yeah I will definitely pay more attention to how heavy it feels. Previous experiences I have had were in a much drier climate so being in an area with high humidity has been a learning experience for sure. Thanks for all your help!

hello fellow Virginian :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum community. You’re already on your way to great answers to your query. I’ll just follow along to watch the grow. Happy Growing :slight_smile: