Starting out. Need advice on equipment

Okay so I didn’t know I was violating IGLM rules by posting pictures of competitor products on here, so I deleted original post to be cool. Don’t want to cause any problems.

Anyway. I’m looking to start from scratch, so I’d love advice on the right equipment to buy to get started. Grow tents, lights, soil, filters, ventilation etc etc. I’d like to grow about 12 plants at a time, so I’m looking for a decent set up and I’m not afraid to spend a little money.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi and welcome!

When I started I looked at a complete kit and ended up just buying all the stuff separately for much less money. Something to consider. We’d be happy to help you pick stuff out.

But the kit looks fairly complete :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

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Welcome to the forum buddy
You need to give more info
Like space available for set ups you’ll get the answers your looking for Nd I agree with @Matthew420 you can probably do better buying everything separate they charge for the convenience of putting the kits together for you

Welcome to ILGM. Your question is what we all agonize over when we start growing. As long as you have an idea of what type of space you have to grow in and how many plants you are growing, we can all help with choosing the right stuff to get you started.

One of the biggest things that seems to get overlooked when starting out it the pH and PPM meters. It makes a world of difference having your water the correct pH from the start. When you get your tent, fans etc put the pH meter in the order with them and you will have it ready.

Lights are probably the most agonized over purchase on everyone’s list. Depending on what your grow area size is, starting with CFL is never a bad thing. They are relatively cheap and easy to use and can be used as accessory lights during flowering when you get your main light, be it LED, HPS or whatever you decide on. CFL and T-5 lights are really easy on seedlings and work well to start with.

Good luck on your grow. Hope to see a grow journal when you start. As a new grower, a journal can be invaluable when things go a little haywire. We ALL have those problems when starting so do not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone has problems and is learning all the time. Jerry

The Grow area is the starting point. Size shape and location are important to know. Is it in a cellar environment or main level and above define heat or cooling requirements. Long and skinny, short and wide help decide which lights, etc.

Are you setting up a veg and flower room or two separate rooms? Will you want a third area for seedlings and clones or is space limited?