Starting out Brand New

I am just starting out and I was looking at all the different Forums and I loved that everyone seems so helpful. I am about to make my first purchase and of course I have Finally chosen a Light and i want to know what you guys think!
I have also chosen a Tent and I plan on starting out with just 2 plants at a time until I get more experience.
and lastly I have chosen the Air Filtration System
I think I will just go ahead and buy my seeds from here because I want to start from seed and germinate. I also figured since they were all sold out of the nutrients here I would go to my local garden store as they have Bloom products or Foxfarm advanced nutrients. If anyone has either tried these and liked them let me know or of course if you had an opposite experience. I honestly was not expecting the seeds to be so much on ILGM! They do look worth it though and its better to buy from a place others have as well! So I do not mind overall. To me its all about Quality vs Quantity. I am going to tag a few people I have seen be super helpful! Thank you for any comments if you all approve of these purchases I will move forward as I saw in a Forum it is better to consult you guys first! Thank you in advance for the assistance! @Hellraiser @repins12 @Davyg @SKORPION @Cratix


Welcome to the forum , tent looks large, fan looks good, however not too sure about the light. The resident expert on that is @dbrn32 so I will see what he says. If not I see you tagged Hellraiser and he advised me.
There’s a few things I don’t see.

  1. Humidifier / dehumidifier ( depending on area)
  2. Fans ( to create air flow and for stem strength)
  3. Temperature / humidity guage
  4. Ph and tds pens
    That’s all I can see I know of. I thought I had everything I needed however I purchased new stuff everyday for a while.

The light linked would be better suited for something like a 3x3 space. It would probably veg a 4x4 decently but is too small to flower out space that large well on short light schedule.

The fan you posted will work, but they aren’t known for being the most quiet or having great speed control. If neither of those mattered should be fine. I’m not sure about the filter though.


Hello @Jun3Bug welcome to a brilliant growing community. A thing I would look at investing in is a decent TDS/PPM nutrient type meter and a decent PH meter as well. You will need to keep an eye on what goes in as well as what comes out. These are key elements that help us grow. I use the bluelab truncheon and an Apera PH meter.
As for the filter, I’m not sure if this is a thing or not but my filter has the Australian charcoal thing going on and it has been a great filter. Can’t speak for the seeds as I have never used them either, one thing I can say is if it works for you then stick with it. I changed my seed bank and I will be changing back as germination rates have been poor. Looking forward to seeing you through your grow. You will hit bumps along the way, we all do but the knowledge and expertise that’s here and the willingness to share is amazing and we will guide you through. Looking forward to this, best of luck and let those questions fly.


The light is a bit weak for 4x4 tent, and you picked a noisy fan, could get a better, quieter fan for a comparable price (AC Infinity S6) and just get a carbon filter and ducting separately instead.


Hi welcome to forum :grin:. Best of luck to you and your grow. Everyone one who has replied so far has also helped me a lot and give great advice. Unfortunately this is my first grow as well so I can only be so helpful. What I can tell you is that ilgm seed prices are actually pretty good. I paid 20 bucks a seed from a dispensary so ilgm is pretty good since I can get 30 for $189. Again best of luck enjoy the forum plenty of help here


What I would say is that … they all have you covered.

Welcome to the forums and best of luck with the new grow.


I’ll be watching this for sure :slight_smile: I’m new here as well and I love how helpful everyone seems to be.

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Thank you! I will be purchasing all new as I will be starting from scratch and even this info helps!

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What is a good amount of plants to have in a 4x4?

What about this Light Since you are mentioning the different cycles let me ask you, is there a light that would be good for the Seed to Harvest? I have seen a lot about building your own but honestly I would rather put money into buying one as building one so do you have any recommendations or will I need different lights for the different stages? That was def a main question of mine!

Most of the white leds can grow well from seed to harvest. I don’t really like the mars lights, but they’ll grow some weed. If you had a little more to spend you could get into something a little nicer.


4 large topped plants works well in a 4x4, but really you could do anywhere from 1-9 plants depending on grow style (sog, topped, etc…).


I cant get the Hyper link to save but I am looking at this light @dbrn32 is this better than that Mars? HLG 300L Rspec 270w 120 Volt- Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light | Dimmable, Samsung LM301H and Deep Red 660nm Top-Bin Diodes

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Much better

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@dbrn32 and that’s good for the germination period too right?

@Hellraiser @dbrn32 Okay so I have my revised Cart here. [] and all ready to be reviewed by the master growers! It’s 13 items in total but LMK if I should be all good!

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Won’t show us your cart like that.

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I’m going to have to do them individually then its not letting me do it like the first time I did