Starting Off Right

So I had got seeds before last year, some fem AK-47 and gold leaf as well. I had tried to grow 4 seeds, 2 of each, one seed never grew but the others grew from seedlings to a full plant with ease. One of the gold leaves was a dud, so I grew 2 AKs and one gold leaf.

I started off by soaking the seeds for 24 hrs then planted them in the little peat pods and I used a glime light for them as seedlings.

Hopefully those uploaded but that’s the light for when they were small.

Those are what the plants looked like when they were small.

When they got bigger I transplanted them and used stronger lights until I had to put the plants outside when it was warm enough.

They were still pretty small when I took this. I ended up adding tinfoil to the sides of the closet they were in, they had a fan going as well to circulate the air.

Leaves without the grow light.

I was recommended these for nutrients and I used them by half what was recommended.

I had originally hoped to keep them inside in a controlled environment but was a bit of a dummy and didn’t do anything to keep them shorter like trimming the tops like some had recommended to me, or root training them like I had also been told about. I would like to know its trimming the top on as they get bigger? And what is something lollipoping? Trimming the bottom by where it roots in its container, I heard it was for taking off leaves and everything that wouldn’t help when it goes into flowering. I also was wondering how many times and how to flush the plants?

This is when they were older outdoors

My other issue when I first tried is I didn’t know when to harvest the plants. I’ve done more research than I first had and feel more comfortable now about knowing when to do so.

So I’m basically asking now that I’m trying again, this time with only one plant so I can give it my full attention, with one AK-47 seed is there any recommendations anyone can make? Or info about root training, cutting the tops ok when they are in a veg state and flushing them out? I’m using my glime light for my baby seed atm.

This is my little one rn. I soaked it 3 days ago for 24hrs and then put it in the pod and two days later, today, I can see it poking out. I would like to keep it indoors if possible in a controlled environment, and I know I’ll need a full indoor grow tent when its bigger. I would just like to know what people recommend?