Starting Nutes and checking TDS range

Need help with process of beginning nutes (ordered FF trio, arrives Thursday) have 1 month old bagseed and 2 autos started going into week 3. Gorilla shorty tent to arrive shortly after. I’m attempting to figure out the correct way and when to measure tds before and after giving nutes. Any help would be awesome!

Have you purchase your tds and ph meters?

Mix your nutrients then measure tds and ph. Adjust ph and then feed.

After giving nutes you have to do a slurry test. Dig down approximately 2 inches in pot. Fill a shot glass with soil, put soil into a 16 ounce party cup. Add equal amount of distilled water, 1 shot. Mix slurry together and measure ph and ppm of slurry. When done return sure to pot from which it came.

Hope this helps

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Welcome to the group! What soil are you growing with? If you are growing in fox farms ocean forest you shouldn’t have to add any nutes for about 5-6 weeks. Happy frog soil is not quite as “hot.” If you want to know when its time for nutes you can do a runoff tds reading, which will give you how much is there now. If you are growing in soil, most in this group shoot for around
1000 ppm. You may see numbers above 1000 in ff ocean forest for the first month. Not a cause of concern, but you dont want to feed on top of that. Good luck!

I second what @patchman said. He nailed it!

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As far as taking a TDS reading you can look for videos on that on you tube. If the meter comes from a quality company they should be able to tell you how to do it. Its really the same as getting a pH reading. Water to runoff (not just a few drops but a good bit). Let the first little bit go and then stick a cup in to get enough for a reading. I will wait to hear from you as to what you are growing in- soil or coco. Good luck man!

Growing in coco and noted a little too late about correcting before planting. They seem to be doing well though the Amnesia has a little yellowing on the first leaves?