Starting new set up

I’m just starting out getting a 2.4 X 2.4 tent just wondering what the best way to go is I have gorilla glue female seeds hope to hear from you all


Not sure what you are wanting to know about. Are interested in opinions on grow mediums, lights, venting and heat control.

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Thanks for replying mate just tips on everything the lights I should be buying and soil or clay balls should I be growing in

Let’s start with lights. Lights are the most important factor in growing quality weed. I’m assuming the 2.4 is meters. So that’s close to 8ft x 8ft .That’s a large space, that to light properly will be a substantial investment. I’m also assuming that you’re in Australia. So your options will possibly be different from what may be available in the States. I’m going to tag the resident light guru. He can probably give you the best advice on lights, also will be familiar with options in Australia. I’m also going to tag a couple of aussie growers that can be helpful in decisions on grow mediums that is readily available in Australia. @dbrn32 @Enlightened420 @kettle


@Bulldognuts, thanks for the tag. @Aussie76 welcome, ask away my Aussie mate.


hey mate how are ya?

soil, would be my advice for a few grows… Garrigan"s soil recipe - #7 by garrigan62
isn’t a bad starting point… :smile:

lights for an 8x8 for flower? how handy are you?


8’x8’ is pretty big. Do you plan on filling it up, or how much are you using to grow? Also what is budget for lights?


Yeah I want to fill it up probably 4 plants was thinking would be enough to fill it budget for lights is $1000 I’m in South Australia going to see hydro shop on Saturday he suggested 4 to 6 lights with 4 plants

Pretty handy mate give anything a crack just looking for a type of light and a good growing method

Just wanted to know a good light system and and good growing setup thanks for help mate

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that seems like it may be on the cheap side for that size tent… but I guess HPS and cool tubes?

and look into that soil recipe… in Australia its hard to get the good soil mixes like in the us… :smile:

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