Starting new seeds how doI doit

I have had 1 successful grow
this time I want to start my seeds in water
Do I put them in water and set them in the dark
when they start to sprout do I pant the sprout up or down
the seeds are big bud


What are you going to place the sprouted seeds into?

Soak in water 18 to 24 hours. Transfer to damp paper towels up to 48 hours and then plant.

Tap root goes down into the soil no more than 1/4”.


pro-mix HP
is the dirt

Pro-Mix HP

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This is what works for me:

In a custard cup or small coffee mug add 1/4 cup of distilled water and about 1/2 teaspoon of 3% peroxide. Seed goes into that in a dim, warm place until it cracks (I use the top of the cable box). Every 24 hours add more peroxide. This keeps the liquid sterile and adds oxygen which helps the seed start.

If you want to boost that or you have a questionable seed you can drag it down a matchbox striker or a fingernail board to scuff the outer husk; weakening it.

I put the seed 1/2" deep in straight coco or Promix, with a couple of teaspoons of water in the media at the seed site, then dome with a clear dome and put it under 24 hour light with temps around 78F. Mist the inside of the dome twice a day with straight distilled or R/O water.


I soak in filtered tap water for ~24 hours and then place them into a damp paper towel inside of a ziploc. I check every 8 hours and once a taproot shows I place them 1/4” down in Pro Mix inside of 72-cell trays. That goes into under a humidity dome and onto a heat mat.

I like to see the seeds float in water and then sink within that 1st 24 hours.

Mr Soul says taproot up.

Personally, I get 1 of the cheap domed window sill starters. They have pucks you water and stick the seed in. The dome works fine until you can transplant. Has never failed me and quick and easy.