Starting my next grow, 7 different cultivars

After taking the summer off for other projects, I’m back at it.Two each of Gorilla Glue#3,Future#1,Nova O.G.,Blue Dream,Pineapple Express,Jack Herer and one other that escapes me right now. Will be putting the Sativas and Indicas in separate tents.

These are about a week old .The other two are Critical Purple Kush.They will be growing in smaller pots probably 1 gallon to put in the spaces between the big one so I am not wasting any light.The others go straight into 10 gallon bags in a few more days.

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Here they are 24 days later,this is the Indica dominant, Gorilla #3, Future #1,Nova O.G.,and Critical Purple Kush and Purple Kushwith a couple Bubba Kush and White Widow in the small pots for fun.

This is the other tent,Jack Herer,Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, with a White Widow and Bubba Kush are slightly behind and some Critical Purple Kush and Lemon Haze Auto in the small pots.


Good luck looks like alot of work in your future.

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Ya,but the rewards are worth it .It’s not too bad with a bud trimmer, watering is kind of a chore.Thanks!

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Here we are 9 days later,and my Seedsman seeds have obviously got some auto flowers in them.These were all freebies,supposed to be photo’s.

I will flower these out while the rest have another 4 weeks in veg.Early harvest guess.

The other half of this tent,Future #1 and Nova O G. Doing well so far…

The other tent is coming along nicely, Blue Dream ,Pineapple Express, Jack Herer,White Widow and Bubba Kush and Critical Purple Kush in the smaller bag.

They are getting pretty big and at a certain point I will have to flip them but I want some move vegetative growth,might scrog them if I have to,but I’ll have to do it soon.

Time to flip, pretty full tent.This is Blue Dream in back,Pineapple Express in front.

This is the other half,Jack Herer and Critical Purple Kush in back,White Widow and Purple Kush in front along with another assortment in the smaller ones.

My other tent also ready to flip…

Meanwhile the Autos are proceeding nicley,week 4 of flower.