Starting my first grow . Advice?


@Countryboyjvd1971 could I do it like this and duct to the tent ?


The girls aren’t happy cause it’s like 91 degrees . @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @TokersHaven will they still survice in this heat. It sure doesn’t feel like 91. Or do you think I should turn off the lights and wait for the air cooled hood that suppose to come this week ?


Man your in a pinch. Add some more soil to the cups and bury most of the stems on them. At 91, they might die. If u can, get them out and maybe on a window sill or back porch in the shade. They are more likely to die if left in tent imo. They do not like heat. Eventually they die from stretching its unhealthy.



Did you try running that cool air in the tent?? Mine hit 90s for a few ays and were ok but we deff need to figure it out on the quick side.


@TokersHaven @Dr.DankThumb420 yeah I could leave them on the window sil . I guess I’ll have to wait for everything to get here . I just ordered ducting so it should be here in 2 days ( thank amazon prime ) I guess I’ll turn off the lights and let sunlight take care of them until I get my set up complete . I feel like I’m messing up the sunlight since it’s not getting a full 18 .


@Dr.DankThumb420 I have 5 gallon pots on the side should I move it now ?


To the window sill they go until I get everything set up right. I’m a dumb I should’ve got a air cooled hood . They look healthy though but I don’t want them to die before I get my set up complete . Thanks for the help guys . Messing with the light , do you guys think it’ll turn my girls to Hermes ?


not at all. It’s just more like the shade of a tree or a cloudy day or two! They’re gonna be fine!


@bob31 oh okay thank goodness . Now me and the girls are waiting for the sun.



What exactly are you asking? They are fine in the cups they are in… They can be transplanted to 5 gallon after their 5th-7th node or about 4-6 weeks. Try to get some more soil in each cup to help support them better


@Ocean_grower I’m with @Dr.DankThumb420 more soil in those cups to support the stems would be a great move. they are in danger of falling over now. Maybe augment your window light with a couple of CFL’s or something in as close as possible


@bob31 @Dr.DankThumb420 oh okay I’ll add more . The cups are kinda full but I’ll add more. I was hoping to bury the stems when I move them to the big pots


If they are going on a window sill they will keep stretching. You’re gonna need to support them and you should plan on a transplant in the very near future. @Ocean_grower


Like you mentioned earlier should help
Put house Ac fan in on position and run constant during till hood comes in and as I mentioned earlier make a box from cardboard to make a positive connect to to tent this should provide enough air circulation to help keep tent cool till hood comes in
You need to keep light on try 14 on 10 off to keep heat at a min and maybe a running lights at night instead of day
Let the dark time be durning the hottest times of the day :+1:
Sorry bro I get up at 230am so I usually crash early as well hope this helps let me know how you make out
If you run house fan in on you may not need the booster fan but definitely put a box over the register to direct the air bro :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 will this work for now ? Lol light is light right ?


Yeah that will work bro might want to get the cfls a bit closer just make sure it not to hot but I believe you can get like 5 inches of tops of plants they look like they are streachhing a bit


@Countryboyjvd1971 yup they are I’m about to move it to my fabric pots just to correct the issue . I’m waiting for the brown truck to deliver the goods so that I can bury the stems . Hopefully they hold up a few more days until I correct it all . How deep should I bury the stems ?


Sounds good bro keep me updated on the progress :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB