Starting my first grow . Advice?


@TokersHaven I think I follow . So I should get a 100 cfm intake on the bottom duct it to the light on one end and connect a duct to exhaust and have another duct outside the tent to the bathroom exhaust ?

<----(exhaust) [light]. <----- (intake)

(100 cfm) —>

Sorry for the diagram but since we have the same tent do you follow


1 sec i think i have a pic from my journal.


Ok I thought I had a better one but i cant seem to find it. Your diagram is correct. Ive got 3 fans all together. An intake at the bottom blowing on plants, on going through light ducting, and one running my outake with carbon filter at the top.


@TokersHaven I like the way you hung that side light! Those ratchet hangers are awesome!


@bob31 i love them! Have them for each light, price is great and the make lowering and lifting the light a breeze. Now if i can just get 3 more LEDs

P.S. Also use one for my intake fan!!!


yeah, I hear ya on the more lights! I’m good for now! lol


@TokersHaven so on the right side of the light I see you have a duct going up . Where is that connected ? And on the right side I’m assuming that duct is connected to an exhaust fan that blows outside the tent . Is the intake fan on the bottom connected to anything or is it just a fan blowing in air ?
<—(exhaust) (light) <---- ( another fan?)

—> (intake)

Or is it this [ —> represent duct ]

      <--- (exhaust) [light] 

—> (intake) ----> ( connected directly to the light )


Nvm . YouTube saved me sorry for any confusion


Hahaha its ok glad youtube could help you. Did you get it all figired out i can try running downstairs before work and take new pics fornyou to see


@Ocean_grower @TokersHaven has you on track good :blush: happy utube was able to help sometimes seeing is best :+1:


@TokersHaven whenever you have free time Haha . My exhaust fan comes in today but the hood won’t come til next week . @Countryboyjvd1971 installing the fan , do you think if I just put it in one of the tent holes that it’ll create a vacuum and suck heat out without ducting anything ?


Alright first let me say i can normally take better pics however i dropped my phone on a roof this morning, needless to say the only thing truly effected was the camera… Yes im furious. Now let break this down from the start. The first picture will be the intake fan for the LIGHT, i normally keep it in a box for debris control. It starts outside of tent runs inside through top side hole and into cooling hood.

The next set of pics will show you the exhaust from cooling hood out of tent. Comes out through the top of tent.
<imgsrc="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/1/5/15c35864e63c80f67198c9181c9c27dabdaa20fc.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”>
Next is my outtake with the carbon filter. Some allow for the filter to mount directly to fan, mine did not. So i used 6in ducting to connect. You keep the outake at the top simply because thats where all your heat goes (heat rises). Like i mentioned before i got lucky with an old wood stove chimney that was fitted for 6in ducting, so i was able to get the heat out of the room very well.
And finally my tent intake which is at my bottom left port. Like mentioned before i set the ducting for my intake on the floor because thats where my coldest air is. As of right now it looks pretty rough with all my zipties on it for my ratchet straps but it works likes a charm!

Sorry theres no lights on either its currently my dark period so the only light was from my phone flash. Hate going near them while they sleep, dont want to disturb them lol. Hopefully this helps a little more. I had to play with my fans and lights for 3 days before i got my airflow correct and i still need to add one more small clip on fan for in tent circulation.


Wow my poor camera is screwed :frowning:


@TokersHaven dang sorry about the camera but yeah i understand it 100% I appreciate it man . I have to do mines a little bit weird since I’m against two walls but I think I can get it right . Or I might just move it to my garage and have the space for ducting and fans . But yeah thanks again and sorry about the phone


Hey its alright 50 bucks and i get a new one lol. And yea it doesnt matter the side it flows from or to, just that its flowin! Need anything else just ask.


@TokersHaven @Countryboyjvd1971

Do you guys think if I draw air from this ac vent to the air cooled hood , that it’ll keep my tent temps down


You shpuld have that connected to you intake in my opinion, theres even an adapter for this. But im also not the expert lets wait for @Countryboyjvd1971


I’m with @TokersHaven I think you should attach something to the floor register to the tent then I think it will help keep temps down in tent for sure
Try makeing a box up from cardboard so air is directed right into tent :+1: In theroy it sounds like it would work imo they even sell floor register fans at Home Depot that you could place on register then put box on that and force the air in I’ll post a picture when I get home I just happen to own a floor register fan lol
I don’t have floor registers tho lol ?


Everything is big were i moved to even the peoples mouths lol


I’m doing 18/6 with the lights I have and my baby is doing great.