Starting my first grow . Advice?


@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 prefer not to say but everything is big where I’m from if you catch my drift . My bathroom is next to my garage downstairs so with the ac it’s usually cooler downstairs not to mention part of my downstairs is under ground and windows are just above the ground. Bathroom has no windows though.


10/4?bro I get the whole privacy thing I’m in an illegal state lol
And yeah I’d say especially being where you are and temps avg high your way
put a small flex duct off house unit since it close by 4 inch should be plenty I’m sure you house Ac is running lol
How far away is unit to tent ?


@Countryboyjvd1971 thats not a bad idea man. Cut a hole for some 6in ducting put the lid on and boom! Smart man


@Countryboyjvd1971 I was thinking . My bathroom exhaust is on the ceiling. Could i put a duct from the tent exhaust to the bathroom ceiling exhaust ?


you might get some odor back into the bathroom. But @Countryboyjvd1971 is the expert. Just thinking…


@Hogmaster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 should I replant my seedlings so I can correct the stretching ?


@TokersHaven would you mind sharing the link of the air cooled reflector you mentioned before ?


Get your lights closer or transplant and bury 1/2 the stem will give strong roots


I’m with @Hogmaster do as he directed :+1:
You can definitely try it you may need to put a box or something over the bathroom exhaust and cut a hole for the duct
To ensure it pulling 100% from tent :tent:
I’ve never tried that but it’s worth a shot
Where does it exhaust?


Just went to amazon theu have tons of options lol.


Sorry link didnt work


@TokersHaven go right before the https and hit return and bump it down to the next line. It will work then

Or just copy and paste from mine. Mine is adjusted to give a “clickthru” to ILGM


O cool! Thanks i was wondering what happened!


@Countryboyjvd1971 @TokersHaven I’m pretty sure it goes to the attic or maybe outside ? But thanks for the links I think I’m gonna get a air cooled hood . My temps in my tent was 91 . I lowered the lights but I think I need to get proper ventilation before I lower it any more my girls don’t like this heat.


My bad @Ocean_grower I didn’t realize you where running hps or mh lights or I would have mentioned the hood before every one I know who uses those light has issues with heat
I only run leds myself and never used the others
A vented hood is the move here for sure paired with proper inline fan and carbon filter if smell is a issue for you and you’ll be able to control heat much better
Until then try the bathroom exhaust thing to help pull heat out of tent who care where i goes attic or out side as long as it’s out of tent hahaha


@Countryboyjvd1971 haha yeah exactly what i was thinking . I only chose this kind of light because I heard it was one of the best ones to use. I wanted my first grow to be perfect . I just ordered an air cooled hood but sheesh who knew growing needed so much equipment. What led lights do you use ? I might sink money into a led . Also how much electricity does it use ?


@Ocean_grower I don’t use expensive lights don’t think I paid more then 160 for any of them I have two crxsunny lights 1000 watt cobs ea actual draw around 250 ish around 160$
I have two roleadro 400 watt cobs that draw about 200 actual 99$ ea
And 4 galaxy hydro 300 watt leds all full spectrum lights 87$ ea all purchased on Amazon
My electric bill went up about 200 a month but I have exhaust fans 4 total and intakes 4 total plus 5 more fans inside tents two ea big tents andbine in small three tents total :+1:
I do get into the high 80s on tents when temps are I. The mid 90s outside other wise in right around 80 is a few up or down
I have Ac if I really need it brother but try not to run it if I don’t need to I don’t panic if my tent hits 85 or lower above I start to get concerned and above 90 definitely lol I’ll give them a extra drink of cool water when it gets warm in tent to keep roots cooler as well even if the soil is a little more moist than normal when I water but it wouldn’t over water ever I nknowbyou know better lol
I choose leds for the heat issue I didn’t wish to deal with it ? Leds still generate heat just not as much lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 not bad . I’ll update more once I get everything right . I have 5 more WW fem seeds that will go in once i correct this heat issue I have. I might need help with nutes and thy ppm stuff I don’t understand it all that well . All I know is have ph water around 6.5 ph .


We will get you straight brother and when you need it i and the rest will get you to a good harvest no worries let me know how you make out @Ocean_grower


Once you get the air cooled hood it will help alot, at lease it did for me. Also keep in mind that when you do get the hood you need a fan and ducting to go with it. Also ive tried both, pulling the hot air or blowing in cool air too hood. From my experience its better to blow the cool air in and push the hot air out opposed to pulling in cool while sucking out the heat. I guess maybe bc the cooler air helps keep the light its self cooler instead of me just pulling away the heat. Also you will now have another exhaust duct blowing reallllyy warm air out, so you have to move that out as well. They make y splitters for you to be able to put your outake all in one ducting and out through your bathroom fan which btw should exhaust through roof and never inside building. Believe it or not the stinky human fumes can actually build up in a building and kill not to mention the smell.