Starting my first grow . Advice?

Yeah you just want to fan to make a move a little bit you don’t want to put it directly on them I feel like an ass because this is the first time I have seen your thread if you have any questions please feel free to ask you look like you got it going on pretty well right now And you did like I do want you see a tail put it in a solo cup I can make another recommendation for soil would be pro mix in if you want to burst nutrients out there I’m gonna have to say go with the flower power fertilizer from mile GM a starter pack you can get three plants done successfully I’m here I got your back if you need me just tag me


I removed the base either bought it at how depot
Wasn’t to expensive as far as fans go I’ll try to get. Picture when I get home
But anything that has a blower wheel and not fan blades will move more air
With 400 watts its a little low you have a 4x4x7 tent right
You want to be in the 50 watt per square foot range with the mh lights
@bob31 or @Niala both have a bunch of info on the wattage thing and what’s best for each application
But yes they will grow if it where me I would think about more light for flowering
Also move light a little closer so they dont streach as much brother
Oh and FYI clear solo cups should be covered with red solo cups roots don’t like me light my friend

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@Ocean_grower turn them a quarter turn every time you go in there. Helps them keep from leaning to the light.

Welcome to ilgm!

I don’t have a fan like that but I can post a link of cb @Countryboyjvd1971 has some more info?

Going up the thread to see what lights your using so I can get the distance.

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400 mh bob

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Preciate the warm welcome guys . But I used a 400 mh light but I also have a 600. Hps light as well . Htg has this on sale . Posting links of recommended fans would be helpful . I have the lights off during the day and on during the night . My bathroom stays a good 70 degrees . Also should I move it closer now or should I wait for the exhaust and intake fans . I’m afraid it’ll die from to much heat .


Here is the chart I found

Looks like 18 inches from the top of the plants. Seems too close to me though

Johnny is the HVAC guy, but I think this is similar to what he is recommending

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Is humidity a problem for me ? If so how are those digital cooling. Humidifiers ?

When you reply @Ocean_grower it is best to tag the person because sometimes just replying doesn’t notify us.

@Countryboyjvd1971 is the hvac guru

Tagging is just @ in front of the username!

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@bob31 haha thanks I’ll keep that in mind , I’m worried that this heat will kill my girls before they get veg . What’s your average cost of a good ventilation system?

Im a huge noob but we have the same tent. When i got my 600w hps the heat was bad i almost topped out at 90F everyday. Luckily i was able to get mine to a high of 77 now. I ran ducting from my tent intake to the floor in the room so it could get the coldest air possible (cement floor). My main issue was gettin the heat being pulled from the tent also out of the room so i wasnt blowing the same hot air back in the tent. I managed to run the ducting through our old wood stove chimney since it was the same 6in piping. Idk of you stated of you did or didnt have the air cooled hood but its almost a must in the size of tent i have with the 600w. Saw also where they stretched, ive been keeping my light at 18in away from the girls. But im going to have to give that light chart a look at myslef! Also keep in mind HUGE NOOB but the girls are still alive lol. :smile:

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@TokersHaven it’s not air cooled , kinda like a wing . I was hoping to not get a air cooled one.

You might be able to get by with out one, didnt you say the tent was in a room with ac? I know just a hood that could fit your light is around 50 USD. There is a a product made for plants to help battle heat stress. Its called VOODOO ICE I myself have not used it but just a thought if all else fails.

@Ocean_grower here is the filter I have.
If you follow the link they will take you to the product page and there are other configuration s like with fan. With fan and duct etc just to give you an idea.

I bought that filter and a vivosun 420 cfm inline with speed controller so I can control the speeds. I bought the 6 inch flex duct and clamps locally.

@bob31 how smelly do these plants get ? I live on my own so smell probably isn’t much of an issue . Could I get away with not having a carbon filters and just have an 200 cfm exhaust fan with a speed controller ?


Are you in a legal state? If you grow indoors and you don’t filter it then the stank could permeate the home a bit. You also need the fan to help circulate the air in your grow area.

I would think you could go for awhile without the filter. You can always get a filter later.

I drove by a house yesterday, I could smell the cannabis…

Sorry I forgot to get that picture but the fan @bob31 post is basically the same one I removed the base and hung it from my frame of tent
If I can help you out let me know @Ocean_grower
Thanks @bob31fir the help bro
I’m with bob on filter :+1:
200 cfm will be fine for you tent

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@Countryboyjvd1971 I just ordered a fan but checked my temps this morning and it was 88 . Is there a temporary way to keep it cool until it comes ? Like maybe a bucket of ice in the tent or something ?

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You can try this
So you have a styro foam cooler ? And a fan of some sort table fan or floor fan ?
Put ice with a little water in cooler and put fan in front of cooler to pull cool air into tent blowing across cooler will work also bit you should get better results pull air across it since it won’t move as fast and have more time to cool off
Ideally if you have a duct passing through cooler pulling cold air and lid on it to p hold cold air and just a passive vent on other side of cooler to let air in
Are you following me here

@Countryboyjvd1971 kinda like a redneck ac system ?

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Exactly brother but other than that not sure
Where do you live ? @Ocean_grower
I’m setbup in my basement and it helps but my temps will get to 82 when it’s got outside