Starting my first grow . Advice?


I’m 1 week away from receiving my seeds. I want to grow it right the first time so I would like to know what recommended nutes I should have on hand when growing also some advice . I have the following

600w hps light
Some peat pellets
I haven’t decided on soil but either FFOF or FFHF
GH ph kit


Some smart pots would be a good idea to have. Definitely having a good ph meter and ph up end down is essential. You won’t need nutrients for quite a while as the soil has everything in it your plants need.


@Aznkiddant… Be careful with those peat pellets, they will hold a lot of water… I ended up drowning 3 of my seedlings in them… But I had never used them before… If you have used them, you will be aware of this… Now I just put seeds into soil after soaking in distilled water for 24 hrs or until they sink!


Thanks I’ll post pictures of the grow .


Update : I just left my seeds soaking overnight some seeds came out the shell but the tendrils? Aren’t super long . Should I transplant them to solo cups now or put them in a damp paper towel and let it sit for one more day ?


I’ve always gone directly from distilled water to soil. 100% success.


11 feminized OGK . Does ilgm have good genetics ?


I am not the one to ask. I have 2 Sour Diesel and 1 Gold Leaf in veg (all fem) but others here can answer. I believe so, or I wouldn’t have dropped a few hundred dollars here.


Since you soaked so many, why not try half straight to solo cups, and half to paper towel and see which works best?


Great idea . Would a 400 mh be to much light for a seedling or should I leave it outside until it gets its first leaves ?


I think 400 should be great. Ive used 400w hps on 12/12 from seed to harvest with success so the 400 mh should be ok for them


I’m gonna start posting pictures in a few . But I need help . I just set up my tent and its way to hot inside like 83 f . I don’t have an exhaust fan just yet and my hps light is a basic one that doesn’t have air cooling . How to I drop my tents temperature?


@Zombo what do you recommend to cool a 4x4x7 tent ?


@Ocean_grower… I’m real new but you def want to add clip on fans inside the tent to move air… Then you should think about an inline fan4 inch or 6 inch which can bring in climate controlled air into tent if possible… What are your temps? Where is tent located? Also another inline fan to pull hot air out… Intake would be on bottoms of tent bring ongoing in cool air, exhaust, put on top of tent pulling hot air out… @Countryboyjvd1971, what say you CB


Just read your previous posts… Is the light your using air cooled… MH throw off a lot I hear… 83 is not all that bad but you don’t want to go much higher in temps


The tent is in one of my bathrooms . I have two clip on fans one the bottom and another up near the light I just added a stand up fan and opened the side up of the tent. What temps do you keep it at ?


You have 112 cubic feet in the tent @Ocean_grower
You want a fan that moves about 200 cfm with a speed controller and a intake fan good for about 100 cfm speed controller is up to you on that one
And as @Zombo stated you’ll need a few clip on fans to move air around in tent as well
I use a tower fan mounted to top of tent and another fan I have hanging as well plus exhaust and intake
Air flow is key to preventing mold


Plants stretched out due not being under proper light . Today is the first day under this light


I turned off the light but with it on it’s around 84


@Countryboyjvd1971 do you think it has a chance to grow right . What’s that tower fan look like ? I want to get good and reliable fans that don’t cost an arm and a leg