Starting my 2nd round

Starting my 2nd round of autos. 1st round was a learning lesson and the results were decent (for me). This time I plan on using FFOF in 5 gallon fabric pots. Should I mix anything with the FFOF? I will be growing indoors



Mykos if you have it, I’m pretty sure it’s not already in it. ( I’m a coco grower) other then that ffof is so hot if anything you want to have an upper layer of happy frog so you don’t burn the seedling


Yes u should mix happy frog in with the ocean Forest the only reason i say this is ocean Forest is too hot and it can cause ur plants to get nute burn mixing happy frog in would make it alot more mild i would use more happy frog then ocean Forest


You could boost your rhizosphere for sure. With myko or other rhizo bacteria. Mycco is just rhizo fungi. Part of the rhizosphere. And is already present in both HF and OF. Along with compost. Fox farms are out of the bag living soils. Best if let cook a little first.

Using 100% ocean forest means you won’t have to feed until you are in flower at the earliest. OF can be hot. But usually never too hot. may cause slight burn in seedlings. But early stress is good. Just don’t feed before flower in 100% OF. Just water till flower. If your water is close to neutral out the tap and you don’t over water. Just water till end. Nothing else required. (This won’t work with di/ro or extreme ends of acid/base. But I didn’t even touch a pH meter in my last 2 soil grows. Fed low nutrients, used tribus bloom to build/maintain my rhizosphere.)


@SteveSS396 I would top dress with FFHF so the seeds has a buffer. I want it to be 4” deep so the roots don’t get blasted.

I use only Fox Farms products.


You should add an additional 10% by volume of perlite to improve drainage. Also you should monitor Ph and TDS readings on all water and neuts going In and out.


I like to add perlite, worm castings, a little blood meal, and Mykos (I used DyNoMyco until I ran out) to my FFOF. Call me crazy but I like adding a little extra to prolong the life of the soil.


The hydroponic store sold me this for my auto flowers instead of FFOF or FFHP. Anyone use this stuff? If so, did you have to feed?


‘hot’ means nutrient dense?

Yah its loaded with nitrogen

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That’s a mostly inert medium, imo the lesser, but some like peat I guess… it’s just not coco. Which is naturally a good pH for cannabis. Peat is not.

" BioBizz Light-Mix is a 100% organic soil mix for maximum control of young plant life’s development. Light-Mix main ingredients consist of Peat moss, Sphagnum peat and Perlite . Mixed together, these components provide optimal drainage throughout which is essential for use with automatic irrigation systems."

See how it says automatic? Gotta monitor pH more strictly with peat. But with auto feed it’s constantly fixing pH anyway… I use canna coco coco. 100% coco coir. Naturally neutral pH. nothing added to the medium. My old soil grows and mother plants are kept in 85% HF/ 15% extra perlite. I use granulated myco only for transplants, in both coco or soil. Use tribus bloom one to two times a month after the first month. Which is once a week at 2ml per gal the first 3-4 weeks. If you do go tribus. You’ll smell it when you’re using it too heavy. Lol