Starting my 2022 indoor grow

Good evening Greg T is good to hear from you brother. I don’t get on there much either no more. I just stay too busy I don’t have a lot of time for the forum anymore. I hate that I really enjoy it when I do have time. Anyway man Rita and I love you and Janet too I hope y’all have a really blessed weekend.


@Bunger64 good evening to you my friend. Yeah seems like life keeps me awful busy these days don’t have a lot of time for The Forum anymore. But I do like to check in and let y’all know I’m still here and still growing. That’s a wonderful looking jungle you have there. Yeah since I’ve started clown and I really enjoyed it in fact I like doing that way better than starting seeds unless you just want a new strand you can just keep on going and going and going and I love that. Anyway everything’s looking great. All is going well here so far. I hope you have a great evening my friend and keep on growing​:beer::beers::v::raising_hand_man:


Well I run out of likes quickly so John is my go to guy
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Yes on the clones the mother was harvested last yr this time its number 6 clone from that plant, just use my clippings, i like the seeds in between i like having different tadtes available lol
I ran across you on Gregg’s post but you were gone for a bit but read whats in your playing field and understand life does get in the way sometimes. Appreciate the tag brother. Good to hear about Ritas procedure going good also.
Just want to add that even though we are mostly strangers I consider us a big happy family brothers and sisters :heart:


Thats a mighty fine and colourful bud you got in your palm it looks huge


Thank you brother its the main cola is all, not huge but solid


Chunky as.
Nice job on the trimming too.
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v: