Starting indoor grow

Questions from a fellow grower:

1 how important is lighting as far as wattage. i bought a4ft flourescent shoplight that holds 4 33watt t9 bulbs.
2 i purchased organic soil and manure/organic humus mix. i plan to use 1part manure per 3parts soil per pot. yay?
3 do i need male seeds to flower female seeds? whats the difference between auto n female? which do you think will be better for my first grow?
im very into sativas vs indicas buts at the end of the day irdc. lol i appreciate your time n look forward to hearing back n growing soon! :slight_smile:

I think all Autos are female but could be wrong. Feminized seeds means that they should flower when switched to 12/12 lighting.

You don’t need males or male seeds(?) and need to get rid of them or else your buds will be filled with seeds.

I use a very loose general rule regarding light output…

…what ever the output is in watts, divide that by 4 to get a rough minimum yield value, better growers can divide that by 2 and experts can expect 1gram per 1watt or even more than 1gram per watt - depending on the environment and other factors…but I’m not sure if these formulas would work for florescent lights unless you scrog and keep the canopy extremely “thin” as those lights don’t have penetrating power.

I’ve seen guys veg with those but never seen anyone flower their plants with it.