Starting grow no. 2 blueberry x big devil autoflower

Going to try mainlining with a autoflower. Will be using autopots spring pot with coco. Going to use jacks 321 with jacks bloom and jacks finish. Wish me luck …


Do autos react good to topping ?

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I have seen it done and it handled it just fine . Just have to pay close attention when to do it

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Auto’s won’t come back like a photo will during mainlining. They have too short of a veging cycle and will go into flower whenever thay feel like it. I hope it works for you, ya never know till you try it yourself.

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First time for everything … i think it will do just fine… yes only one way to learn and thats just try it and see


Hey @Auto11 im interested in getting the auto pot spring pots as I will be running coco too in my set up. How long have you been using your auto pot setup? And how effective do you think it is compared to regular fabrics and hand watering? Is it just easier or do you believe the plants respond to them better?

Will be my first time using them… my buddy uses autopot and had great results with it. Easy watering thats for sure… my last grow was with dwc but water changes was a pain but grew nice plant… from what i seen i know i will like it alot.

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Awesome I look forward to watching your grow then because i really like the system too hope you get great results! My buddy has dwc and I’m not huge fan of the system but he grew some beautiful plants too. Your running the same system I will be so you will help me decide if I go auto pot or not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like the fact of shutting the valve off pull the line and then you can clean the reservoir out every water change. No hassle… fresh nutrients every water change. Easy ph and ppm checks.

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Sounds like win,win,win all round specially with how we will be using coco and the amount of water n nutrients it requires Constantly

Yes it is… i use jacks 321 work really good no trouble in the dwc what so ever using jacks… my buddy uses jacks also in his autopot and no trouble for him either. He also uses coco…

got a ice cream pail full of nuggs my last grow using jacks 321.


Yeah I was either going with jacks 321 or Earth juice organic nutrients and couple side nutrients but haven’t decided yet I was trying to find the light I wanted for the last like month and a half and finally decided so my set up will be going up hopefully in next month or so.

Mmm yummy how does she taste?

Delicious…lol im in a 2x4 tent using a vipar xs 2000 qb. 240 watt dimmable light … works great…


Nice man that’s good for something that size my tent is 4x4x6.5 so I’m getting a phaser x660 pro 600w dimmable Bar set up. It was either this or HLG scorpion Diablo


Cant wait to see how that work for you … tag me when you have it up and going… you would like the jacks same mixture from star to finish… the only thing that chances is when you use the bloom you leave out part A and B and same when you go to the finish .

Awesome good to know thanks I’m probably running with jacks. And of course! I definitely will because I’ll be following along yours while all my other stuff comes in mail.

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I just dropped a bean today … this is the time i hate the most waiting for life …

Hey @Auto11 do you ever use an extra calcium supplement or need to use one? Or no jacks provides enough calcium where you never usually run into calcium deficiency’s?