Starting from seed - ending clones

Ok folks, haven’t written since I was trying to find out what was going on with these clones, so here’s the update (Readers Digest Condensed version). Its a bust (Gotta love the shorter version huh?). Just found out today one of the clones (Cranky) had a seed (color me NOT shocked) at the top and then further down on the stalk there was another pod opening and Im sure its going to pop a seed out too. Now Happy on the other hand, she still has pretty white tendrils and so far - no seeds (same plant cloned both!). So Im thinking maybe it hermied (??).

So - starting from seed. We were given some and I am thinking of two things so I need help deciding: Grow indoors until seedlings then plant outside, or just prepare the ground outside and pop those buggers straight into the ground and grow. Which would be more ideal? Also, if you were to start straight outside - what MONTH would you start? Note: We are still in “high desert” area of western Colorado… where we barely get snow at 5400 ft.

Thanks a bunch for the advice! I want to try to do it right at the start – and buying all this crap (Grow and Bloom and coconut crap and whatever) – I really DO NOT want to have to go through that headache again. My neighbor planted plants outside and just watered them with the same water we have - and his were healthy clones from Denver (more like mini plants, not like sticks cut off of the mother plant like we got at the dispensary).

I’m in an entirely different climate, but there are gardening sites that can tell you when ideal times for planting are. If you don’t get help from someone familiar with your growing season I’d check them out. Here, we’re pretty much wrapping up our outdoor season until next spring.

I’m at 5000 ft in Nevada. I start my plants at the end of March indoors. They go outdoors the first or second week of June.

Do you start them from seeds or from clones? Thanks!

My last grow was seeds.

Man a lot of folks don’t believe in it but get you a farmer’s almanac. I do every year, it’s got your moon phases and everything. I always use it to plan my vegetable garden since my medicine is grown indoors. It’ll give ya a time frame of when to plant and what to expect and everything

Sweet thanks Ill check into that.

just a little summary of what’s in it. I wouldn’t completely base your grow off of this but it’s just something to keep in mind. On average it’s 80% correct. Its an old timer thing that my grandpa always swore by and he sold his produce for a living and always had an amazing garden.

Edit: I put range 13 forecast on there assuming you’re in that since you said you’re in western CO

Yep over by Grand Junction area. Ill see if I can pick one of those up when I go into town next. Never hurts to have a guidebook for sure!

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Edit. Joke. Love the idea of a farmers almanac

Dude not gonna lie just flipped to that page and saw it and I just happened to be pretty stoned and thought it was interesting :joy:

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