Starting from bagseed!

Hey there hope all is well! So ive been doing the whole autoflower experience for 8 months or so now, and to be honest its awsome minus the yeild sometimes …the only thing the irritates me is constantly buying the seeds online, headshops ect… a long long time ago i had 1 plant turn male yadyadyada you know the deal it ruined my whole crop and complete waste of hard work but i ended up with well over 10000 seeds haha…my question is should i germinate a few , veg and pick out the males then keep a mother? (Opinions)…will it still have good genetics, is it really worth the risk or should i pull my socks up and really pay attention to them so it doesnt happen again, not sure if there anyone here that only grows bagseed with success. .


Regular seeds are the most stable. (Male and female seeds)
A lot of people have their own custom strains even though yours wasn’t planned that’s whAt happened. Absolutely plant a few to find a female, and keep it as a mother. Or you can start a lot and just weed out the males. Pun intended. Haha welcome to the forum! @Kroncaddycustoms


Thanks i appreciate the feedback! Ya i think im going to start 10 and maybe just keep posting pics in high hopes for more opinions, im definitely not a new grower but havent done the bagseed in along time…take care pal


We love pics! @Kroncaddycustoms

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bag seed

more bag seed

a bag seed momma, about 8 months old in this pic

my avatar, guess what… from bag seed.! LOL

i do have some Nirvana seedlings going now, along side my bag seed mommas.!


Hey @Kroncaddycustoms welcome to the forums, yea… like he says we like pics lol and good luck on your grow.

Hey @Covertgrower thanks for the info, good to know

Hey @SlowOldGuy, knew we could count on you for some pics… great looking gals you got there!


Nothing wrong with bag seed, some people just want the experience of growing known strain with genetic profile for various reasons. It helps to be for certain you had a male pollinate them and not a hermaphrodite plant. If it was a herm, those seeds could potentially carry that gene. Otherwise shouldn’t be problem at all.

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