Starting Flowering Process Soon

First grow here. I’m going to be shifting the lighting to 12/12 instead of 18/6 to start the flowering process. I saw a video on youtube that the guy removes a lot of the bottom leaves before doing so. How much am I supposed to pluck before going into flower?

There’s plenty of room in that plant. I wouldn’t cut any of it off.


I’m thinking you could let that plant grow a few more weeks in veg.


Yeah I was thinking not next week, but the following week to start the flowering. I’ll post update pics here to see what people think. This is my first grow and there were a lot of things I wasn’t sure about. Appreciate all the help!

Good to know! The video I saw the guy plucked so much I was scared I’d pull too much haha

If the leaf is attached to the stalk just below a branch, I’d remove the leaf. But I’m the king of defoliation (or the jester depending on who’s talking).

Plant looks nice.

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Keep in mind the leaves are the solar panels, and hold nutrients for the plant. I’m not a fan of defoliation. I’ll pull a leave here or there, but for the most part I leave it alone.

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Are you going to use LST, did you top any of them? How tall is your space? If you are going to try to train them and have a flat canopy now is the time.

I was going to put up a trellis net and have them grow through that. I’ve topped each plant once and the height of the tent is about 7 feet

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Just added a net around them so they don’t snap from the weight of buds

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