Starting first Hyroponics grow

Im about to start growing hydroponics in 3 DWC buckets…
I’m building an area that is 5×5×6ft… The walls are lined with aluminum .ice got plenty of power.
I want to use LED lights.
Can anyone help me with what LED light I should use and what kind of air system I should set up and what nutrient plan should I use and what chemicals is good to have on hand incase any problems come up.
Thank you…

musts for hydro Ph meter Ppm meter ph up and ph down
If you are wishing to grow organic General Hydro has go boxes for this
If you don’t much care organic or not Advanced Nutrients carries ph perfect lines they keep a stable ph in hydro for a week but you will still want to adjust the ph unless using RO water H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) is always good to have for non organic lines. Cal-mag and a silicate are good to have on hand.
Since you have yet to determine your light and LED is not my forte’ I can’t at this time advise on fans and venting since heat will be a key factor in that though adjustable 6" with a carbon filter is a wise call since you will be able to dial it in to match your needs

Thanks so much for the info…
What type of advanced nutrients is a good choice and do the have a chart that will give me info on how much to use each week from starting veg to finishing flowering?..
Also does cal-mag come in liquid form or powder and where do I get it?..
The same for silicate , can I get this stuff all at one place?

they certainly do have charts and feed schedules
most of their bundles come with feed charts and are pretty simple to use you will also be able to ask many here :slight_smile:

If you wish you can contact AN directly they sell slicate cal-mag the whole lot and if you speak to them they can tailor a whole beginner level set with you budget in mind etc.

I’m excited for you, samandmaria70, me and a few others I’ve seen here lately starting the new year right.
I’ve been reading almost non stop, watching videos here and on youtube about hydroponics and DWC (thank you Donaldj for the info), and I have to say there’s a lot of stuff to learn…not rocket science, but still may be challenging. I am going to try and keep my first grow kinda simple, keep the chemicals to a minimum, watch the pH and measure ppm and hope I can have a harvest.
It’s a science, it’s an art…

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Having gone the hydro route previously the biggest thing I learned is water temp. Keep an eye on it and do everything possible to keep it within optimum range. My first attempt I didn’t even consider it getting to warm until I was constantly beset by root rot. Airflow, water temp and PH range for the reservoirs. Air temp, humidity, light levels and ensuring you have fresh air coming into the tent with old air being exhausted are going to be your recipes for success.

Best of luck to all the hydro growers out there and pay attention to whatever tips Donald tosses out, he knows his shit.

This is the whole Grandmaster line , but in my experience the 259 ml bottles are only for one grow . Some additives will complete 2 full grows. , but the grandmaster level you will used 5 thru. The whole grow and that’s all you’ll get , one full grow . I’m buying 1 liter bottles next time . This supposed to be some great stuff .and this is a new one my local hydro store just received 2 weeks ago , and I just ordered the Dutchmaster gold line of nutrients also .

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All those colorful, descriptive, “kid in a candy store” labels. I can only imagine your potential harvest when you’ve mastered them all, yoshi. I look forward to your updates and enjoy the photos.

too expensive for me lol could buy my weed cheaper would need to get 1lb atleast to break even between hydro and those nutes? Likely the reason I stick with base nutes and 1 or 2 goodies. Not hating on you Yoshi I live in BC can buy a pound for $1200 I grow because I like to and it saves/makes me a bit live in a flooded market :wink:

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I budgeted $400 for an inside soil grow…lights, meters, etc., having nothing but the bare walls. I almost made it, then read these forums and figured, wth, learn hydro if I’m gonna learn.

I bought my last item (I hope) and the total is approximately $575.00 (sigh, let’s say a 40% increase to the budget). Cheap in the long run, but try telling that to my wife!! If I only had my first harvest now, life would be good.

I grew outside this past summer and hadda harvest a few weeks early…it could have been better. I’m learning to cook with it figuring either smoker’s cough or spare tire, and the tire won. Lemons or lemon drop cookies, lol.

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I’m only experimenting DonaldJ , it was a sacrifice to see for myself , the hype about advance nutrients grandmaster level , so I bought it just to see how things go honestly . Now I don’t get paid for marketing , but my best harvest , quality , and quantity was with ILGM nutrients . I yielded almost 7 ounces between 2 plants with Ribert trio nutrients , and the taste , and quality of the smoke was like a super happy twilight high . My amnesia haze auto was grown with ILGM nutrients and advance nutrient additives hobbyist level , which was B-52 , VooDoo , Overdrive , and Big Bud , and the haze did fairly well in my opinion as a sativa auto , but it’s a more early morning , mid day high . Now the blueberry has been flowered with Sensi bloom and grandmaster level additives , so I’ll determine if advance nutrients is worth the cost for good quality , and if I’m not impressed in my experiment , ILGM nutrients will be my choice , simple , only 3 nutrients , and they work period , wieght , taste , quality , and easy to follow . But I was just posting the picture of the nutrients to show I had them and would give my thoughts on the line in the future on how it worked for me , but I’m still learning on how to cultivate and grow good quality buds . In medicine growing you have to venture off and find what works best for you on your budget , and quality of what you like , besides its your medicine . I don’t grow for monitary reasons , it’s to help a sibling fight the Cancer , but I reap the benefits also with my own supply , verses buying . Hopefully in my next grow journal , I can share some light on the nutrient line .

I understand the logic of testing products I just find the best way to test is to add things one at a time so you can narrow down which product actually made the difference. I spend money too I was simply saying well beyond my budget :slight_smile:

It’s was only $382 on Amazon , which is not a bad price to get the information on how they work for your grow .

Guess that would be where my cost differs $.75 on the dollar for me plus shipping so $477 before shipping and I can go to 1 of 3 hydro shops and buy the products off the shelf, mind you more expensive due to mark ups but I can get 1 item at a time with no delay

Keep it Simple

I finally decided on my nutrients…ILGM’s.
After almost buying advance nutrients, at half the price, I decided they had too many additional bottles of stuff. What’s missing in the box set that I need so many bottles of other things?

All I see advertised on this site is what a lot of forum people say is enough, and I believe you all, silly me.
I believe ILGM’s support staff/forum will get me thru my first indoor grow, and subsequent others.

Thanks, in advance :slight_smile:


Thus far I have success with the General Hydroponics 3 part Flora series and with Advanced Nutrients Sensi for Coco 2 part Nutrients. Haven’t tried additives besides Botanicare Hydroguard which is 4 different beneficial bacterias for the roots and Liquid Koolbloom. I have heard good things about ILGMs nutes from several different growers on here however :smile:

Robert nutrients has been my best nutrient used . I had many issues with fox farm trio , did fairly good with The Recipe for Success , yielded over 6 ounces with Robert nutrients trio boosters with a og Kush and super silver haze , but I’ve heard so much on Advance nutrients being ph perfect chelation so in order to know how the nutrients work , I bought them all . I’ve just ran out of Roberts nutrients , but I’m getting ready to order at least 3 orders of the trio , and I have the humbolt tree stuff coming and Dutch master gold grow and bloom and silica , which I’m curious to experiment with those also , but once I see for myself of how the different lines perform , I’ll make a decision of what I’ll used consistently . " I just read in Robert email was we are not suppose to used Calmag late in flower , and I did not know that , but again I’m still learning .


U Can get for 1200, wow, im bout to move over there lol

I’ll be starting a few seeds soon, in rock wool for 5 gal DWC.
Should I trim any rock wool from the cube before seed starting and placing in net pot?
Thanx all, best place to sit and read and get advice.