Starting First Harvest From First Grow

Blueberry and Northern Lights Auto, ILGM
-Week 12
-Method: Soil BioAll/BioFlower
-Vessels: Fabric pots
-PH always between 5.9-6.6
-Method used to measure PH : Apera Instruments Value Series
-Indoor Mars 4X4 tent
-HLG R-Spec 600 watt
-Current Light Schedule: 18/6
-Temp averages 69-75
-Humidity averaging 52-58%
-Ventilation system Cloudline T6
-Central Air on 24/7

I took the main cola off one of my autoflower plants today. Trichomes about 30% amber, others mostly all cloudy with a few clear here and there. I think I am happy with it LOL. Being a first timer I am happy I got this far. I will give the others a few more days to finish off before harvesting. It has been a wild ride! I would definitely not use bottled nutrients in the future too much drama for me. Too much, too little, I can’t. Appreciate everything I have been learning during the process and all of the advice from all of you over the months.


She’s a beauty.

I am with you on the bottle synthetic nutrition. Some love them. Not for me.

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Nothing beats organic as far as I’m concerned. I use Happy Frog dry amendments and Alaska fish emulsion.


I use bio bizz organic nutes

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