Starting first grow, question

A question from a fellow grower:

this is my first grow and i havent start yet

I have make a wooden box 130 x 130 x 300 cm

for ventilation i have two iso max can fans 870m3/h 3 speed one for the intake and one for the outtake, the outtake with the third and max speed 370m3\h and the intake at speed 2 and i have lowered at 7-10% the speed with a dimmer

i have a growzilla reflector if you heard of it it is air cooling and it takes 2 bulbs, i have one 600w hps and one 250w hps

when i bought the grow equipment they told me that with those isomax fans i will not have any problem with the heat runing 850w hps because they are preety strong…but the heat it is a verry big issue…

the temperature out of the growbox its about 26.1 celsius and inside the growbox with only the 600w hps it is about 35-36 at 15 minutes i havent try more…

the exaust is going with ducting at the window straight out and the intake is in the room

maybe it is because i have put a lot of isulate duct with a lot of bendings but i cant do with less ducting because i have verry big problem with the noise i live in an apartment with not good soundproof walls and celings so i try to keep it as stealthy i can and maybe thats a reason
the reflector have flanges for 6 inch duct and my ducting is 8 inch , i test it and it cuts about 7-10%

As you can see in the first picture the intake is down and i will put a shelter on it and the connection Y there at the bottom the two ductings when they are out of the box they do something like a C and then they go back inside the growbox again…i didnt do the holes on the shelter because i want all the space to fill it with plants…

now i have done a big research on this and i have one question i cant solve by searching in the internet if i use an airconditioner i can run it to speed 2 the outtake and speed one the intake if i can control the heat ? or the plants need max speed of the ventilation 870m3/h it is the filter that cuts at least 20-35% thats why i have the fan at the bottom at 2nd speed…

i know it is much for first grow but i want big yields

if you can advice me somehow i will be grateful

What is the temperature in your room?

35 -36 cescius i mentioned above but i made some patents and it is 31 now but august its going to be more

Thought I replied to this last night. 130x130x30 cm seems really small. I cannot make out what is going on in your piks. They are to dark for my old tired eyes.

Plants need to be grown at 21-24 Celsius maximum for best production. You probably know that. Having temps in a range from 31-35 Celsius(87.8 f - 95 f), is too hot for the plant to achieve proper growth.

Please let me know if your size specs are correct, centimeters?

Peace, lw

all the box is 3 meters height but with the shelves you see the free space between the botom shelve and the reflector is 150cm: one meter and 50 cm and without the reflector is 200cm: 2 meters

unfortunately i cant efford for an ac unit…and it spends a lot of electricity and the electric power will go of all the time its a bit old house…

i was thinking of the hydrofarm 8" Ice Box Heat Exchanger (cant post link) i dont know if that will be effective but it doesent spent watts…

if you have a better solution or if you have try this icebox i will be gratefull to hear…

thank you good day :sunny:

How much is an Icebox, and why can you not post a link? All you do is copy/paste the url into your post. IN fact; I just dragged the url from this post into this reply

Because my friend it says new users can’t put links in posts. you can google hydrofarm 8" Ice Box Heat Exchanger and ther first link you see is that