Starting First Grow Ever


Just placed 3 Northern Light seeds in distilled water last night at 830pm, woke up at 630 am and tapped them and they sunk. So at 830 am placed the 3 in paper towels, plastic bag open and put in my closet. Very pumped. My plan is when taproots come, I will put in jiffy pot pod under some cfl lights I have which are 4 45 watt 6000 k in a little propagation plastic setup I bought at store. I have read for the last 2 months as much as I could from this site and all the great peeps here and may be asking more in the near future! Any tips, hints, critique appreciated as always


Its exciting isn’t it ?
Wish you happy growing and welcome to the forum !


@Ragnar… Thank You, it is exciting… Kind of nervous as well… Should be a lot of fun


Happy growing @Zombo
We are all here should you need help and will be watching with anticipation for those big beautiful buds I know you have in a few months :grin::+1::sunglasses: CB


@Countryboyjvd1971…thx brother!


You’ll be fine bro your on the best forum for grow of MJ on the net you can’t loose just ask questions if your not sure what to do before you do anything drastic you get the answers you need bro


@Countryboyjvd1971, appreciate it… I have been here now for approx 6 weeks or so, just asking questions and reading. Great info and folks who are very willing to help… Seeds I bought were from another company but am waiting on some WW and AK from ILGM, gonna get up and running soon enough, my seeds are sitting in paper towels now. I’m waiting for some taproots to appear


Nice and I know you’ve been doing your homework bro I’ve seen you around lol
It usually takes about 24 hrs one seeds are in towels to see a nice tap root then your ready for dirt hahahaha


@Countryboyjvd1971, yes sir…Been reading threads, asking ?'s which you and many others have been cool enough to answer, most likely will have many more in future… I’m like a kid at Xmas… Keep wanting to go look at seeds to see but gonna wait until tomorrow, just added them to paper towels this morning


@Countryboyjvd1971… I placed my seeds in paper towel yesterday at 830am… Checked this morning and they look the same. What’s the longest you wait for taproot? I’ve read 2 to 7 days but thought maybe I should go ahead and put in dirt after 2 days? Let me know what you think pls!


I usually soak seeds for up to 24 hours but if they sink you can move them to a wet paper towel and usually I will see a tap root in under 24 hours
I will also put the towel on some styrofoam blocks in
My probation tray and turn heat mat on to help with germination but never directly on tray bottom
I also place some over it to help retain heat and humidity once I get a tap root 1/2 inch or longer into soil it goes
No depending how old the seeds are it may take longer
Did seeds crack open yet ?
Did you soak them and are you keeping towel moist ? Some people will place towel in plastic bag to help retain moisture and place on a warm shelf
Temp is important also when germinating


@Countryboyjvd1971, one looks like it had a little showing of white on end, other seeds have done nothing as of this morning, I do not have heated mat, so I soaked for 24, they sank to bottom and I put in paper towel moist, and in zip lock bag but not zipped open in my dark sock draw… Lol thought that might be warmest spot…I’m gonna check again when I get home tonight


Yeah some times they take a little bit bro
I’ve heard of people putting them on top of cable box for the heat also
You should get a heat mat when possible and probation tray with dome as well 6 inch dome or higher
They help with the first few weeks since seedlings like humidity around 80% and temps around the same
But if you can’t get one yet take a soda bottle and cut off top put a few holes it it for ventilation and you have a humidity dome once seeds are in small pots put bottle over the top
The one with a small root will be bigger when you get home for sure


@Countryboyjvd1971, I ordered a mat w/ Tstat but not in until Thursday, I think. I have a small jiffy pot set up, propagation tray but some is only 3 inches high if that… I may just be a little to anxious, my first time doing this… Thanks for responses though!


Cool :sunglasses: bro no worries I’ll help if possible and 3 inches is ok I got 6 in h dome for when I clone since they are bigger than seeds I think you’ll be fine let me know later how you make out


@Countryboyjvd1971… Thx brother…I have a 7 inch propagation dome on the list, just haven’t bought it, been thinking cloning but figure I need to grow the mama first lol, this site is awesome and you and the rest of the peeps here are fantastic, really do appreciate you folks!


Your first grow is so exciting, my first grow I’m doing at the moment it’s durban poison, first time grow, please check it out, I hope you have as much luck with yours, I love it, i’m definitely hooked


@darren, @Countryboyjvd1971… That’s awesome Darren, will take a look for sure, hey Country, just checked my seeds and I have 1 of 3 with taproot, another looks like it’s starting to split and the other looks the same right now, just put on a heating pad to generate some heat for the seeds but it’s on a plate , may just get them warm and shut off in 2-4 hrs, gonna monitor. It’s all I have until my heating mat comes maybe tomorrow


@darren, what type of lights are you using? I have a 4 bulb cfl (180 watt total)set up, each bulb is 45 watt 6000k for seedling and sprouting, then I have a 900 watt ViparSpectra LED… Good luck with your grow!


If you see mine and have any questions or need any pointers at all then just ask, as I had a few losses myself before producing this one and found it was me making silly mistakes, this is the ideal site for you mate, and you’ll always find plenty of people to help you out, there are a lot of real experts on this site, I am not one of them but if I can help you anytime I’m only to happy to buddy