Starting first full grow from seeds questions

I’ll be starting my first full indoor grow from feminized seeds in a few weeks. Starter experimental plant is in almost week 3 of flowering. Will be going with a 4x4 tent full of GDP. Will start with 5 plants to have a backup onboard. For starters I’m looking to learn best case scenario to germinate and grow seedlings. I’ve read the grow bible. I’ve seen mention of using a small amount of peroxide in the soaking water for the seeds. My seeds are from ILGM and are photos. I’ve used ff trio and soil so far for the experimental plant. I’m seeing more folks talking about Jack’s 123. Can I use ff soil with that? Is it worth the $witch? Is there a preferable/optimal soil for seedlings? Should I add a pur filter to my tap which is artesian well water at 7.2 ph which drops after adding nutes. How far ahead of harvest should I germinate the seeds? Trying to get ahead for more supplies before diving in lol. Any help or info is very appreciated. On and should I start my own journal to keep my questions together for me?

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What lights are you running?

I am one of those that uses peroxide for germination. Distilled water in a coffee mug or custard cup, 1/2 tsp of 3% peroxide and drop seeds in. When they develop tails they are planted 3/8" deep in neutral media like coco or promix that has been pre-wet and squeezed all excess out. A Solo cup with a bunch of holes is perfect. Cover with another clear Solo cup and ONLY spray mist water the inside of the dome twice a day. Place under adequate light and maintain 75F with a 24/0 light schedule. When you see roots poking out of the bottom it’s time to pot up.

Jack’s 3-2-1 is popular and readily available. There are numerous topics on the forum. I have some and will be using at my next grow. It’s not meant to be used with soil per se. It’s for coco, Promix and hydro.

Plan on owning a good PH and TDS meter. The only reason you wouldn’t use your water is if the TDS was high. Forget the PH for this. You want pure water. For example; my municipal water is 550 ppm from my tap. You HAVE to account for that when mixing nutes and 900 ppm might be the highest you can go. BUT you have 550 ppm of who knows what? Gotta count it though. In my case I solved the problem by using R/O. You can find units that screw onto a garden hose bib like the R/O Buddy.


@Myfriendis410 thanks for all the info. Sadly my tap ppms are around 1500 +/- . Think I may stick with ff for now since I’m used to it. What’s a R/O system run? Counting on always having distilled water in my area is out of the question. Often the store shelves are empty. Good info on germinating thanks for that. I do have apera ph and tds meters plus a humidity dome with heat mat a d a t5 light if that will work. I dont have great grow lights yet. Have 1 blurple plus red at 180 true watts plus a amazon 6 cob light at 300 true watts. Seeing a huge difference I’m my single scrogged plant in flower right now between the cob a d the blurple. The cob side is 2 to 1 bigger than the blurple. Please do move this to beginners journals much appreciated! Ps I may run out of posts soon fyi lol.

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I would not try to grow with tap water that high. That doesn’t even sound safe.

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Look at hydrologic ro filters. About $200 give or take. Keep in mind that filters needs to be replaced regularly so there is an ongoing cost, probably higher with your hard water.

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