Starting auto seeds in greenhouse

So I’m thinking about dropping some seeds to grow in my outside greenhouse and outside when weather permits. They would all be autos so I’m wondering if it’s too late to start these. I’m southern lower Michigan if that helps


I wouldn’t think so. Especially with the ability to put them in and out of a greenhouse. My WWA are outside now and 30 days since sprouting and starting to go into flower. MI as well here.


Thanks @Jbum I’m excited to try this. I have a few in flower out there now. I’ve been bringing them into shed at night but I broke out greenhouse to check it’s condition( been in barn for four years)and it’s up and in great shape. I’m dropping 8 different beans today…
Rhino Ryder
Amnesia haze x2
White Widow
Northern lights x2
Candy cream
I’m sooooo excited to do this


Looks like an awesome line up good luck!

I started a journal @Jbum for this grow. Outside auto variety is title not sure how to put link. Can I tag you in?

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Yeah cool please do!