Starting another mainline

Continuing the discussion from Purple Haze Grow Journal:

You read my mind!!! Do you think she is ready?


Oh yeah she’s ready :sunglasses:
You sure you wanna lengthen your veg time?

Also I don’t know what I did here @Hogmaster when I try to reply on others threads it wants to reply to mine. I tried to change it and this happened?

Yea all of these im planning to grow until they are ready. 3 month veg wont hurt. Just want to get it right and have all girls :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:

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How’d you find this thread? I did somethin weird and linked it somewhere?
I think @spyonyou?

it was one the new thread thing. Its in latest now

Save those likes for bud porn :joy::joy:

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Well I’m not starting another. I thought it would link ppl reading mine to go over and check out @spyonyou cuz HE’S starting a mainline…

…so I’m confused. Hogmaster will figure it out

Ill tag from there to here i think

Unless you wanna use this just for the mainline part of your grow.

Haha dont mind. Dont have to tho. But dont mind

Purple Haze Grow Journal?

Anywho. To move a post to another journal or wherever. Go to the important post. Click the box linkd to another box. Like a :package:-:package: Then copy and paste the link in your reply or intended location

It’s spyonyou’s thread

I’m just gonna role with it. What can happen?

U want to link spy’s whole journal to yours? Or starting at a certain point?

Like this?

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Not him old man newbie’s
I’m gonna put the pipe down now :joy:
Now I’m gonna find where he started the mainline

Well… dang :joy:

It would start at his post 43

Haha now i gotta find him. Whats his journal called?

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You tagged in of mine earlier old man newbie or something