Starting an indoor grow

Hey fellow farmers, I’m an outdoor grower from Aus but thinking of starting an organic indoor grow in soil, I want to purchase a grow tent set about 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 in size in the near future as our outdoor season is at its end, I have never done an indoor grow before an was just looking for any advice from some experienced farmers, such as price to set up completely, types of lights I should use and any other tips or pointers


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Dont be thrown off by the title “for beginners” it’s a great all round read and plenty to use as a reference.


Good luck and happy growing. My suggestion is go for a taller tent. Once you get lights, pots and plants in there you’ll wish you had more vertical space. If 1.5m is all you have room for, you’ll need to do lots of training to keep them out of the lights.


Welcome to the forum! I agree you’ll likely want a taller tent, especially if it’s that large. Cost will vary a lot depending on what you do for lights and environmental controls.

If you go with one large hid fixture it will need to be mounted high to cover area like that. Going multiple led fixtures can fix that, but are awfully spendy for good ones. Then you have to take some considerations for your climate too. Do you need ac, humidifier, dehumidifier, multiple fans?


Thanks for support everyone really appreciate it, I was thinking of doing a sea of green grow in the tent but yes now I think of it I should get it bit taller, I just want to have some decent lightsthats not too expensive, and yes I’d need some sort of climate control

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The 60 were good 2


Go with the blurple light spectrum and make sure to have adequate height in the tent so probably 2m.

No worries thanks, any online sites anyone could recommend for tents n lights etc?

I would research the lights a little more. Typically you can get better lighting for the same or a little more money. Lightning is one place not to pinch penny’s if you can help it.

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