Starting an indoor grow, supplies and setup questions

Hello all, I am looking to start some growing indoors after I enjoyed doing autos outdoors so much. I have been reading and just want to make sure I am not incorrect with what I believe my setup will be. I am looking to have a setup in a closet, so I am leaning towards a 32X32X63 tent. From what I see I believe I could potentially grow 4 plants in there? I initially thought I would only get like 2 in that size, correct me if I am wrong with the 4 because I am more than happy to just grow 2. For lighting I plan to just go straight away with the HLG 260w XW QB v2. I plan to do this long term, so want to go ahead and get a good light. This will do the entire life of the plant, correct? For ventilation, should i get a 6 inch Infinity Cloud or am I ok with a Vivo 6 inch that comes with the filter, less than just the Infinity. Not trying to skimp, but with a small tent could I try the cheaper fan and filter? On the ventilation topic, so I would hang the fan and filet and open the bottom vents on the tent to pull in fresh air and the air in the tent is ran through the charcoal and i just have some piping into the closet where it can dump? I dont need to exhaust it into my attic or anything if I work with the filter I guess is my question. I then just need light and exhaust hangers, monitors, and some clip fans I believe. Already have 5 gal fabric pots from outside. Am I missing anything as far as tent setup? Trying to go straighforward and looking forward to another learning experience. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.


You can 4 plants in there, you would just have to keep them relatively small. Nothing wrong with that either really, short veg time likely means you’ll get an extra harvest or 2 every year. Light you picked is great too. Either of those fans will work. The ac infinity is probably a lot more quiet, more efficient, and has better speed control. If any of those matter, go with the ac infinity.

Having tent in your closet may get tricky if you plan on keeping door closed. If you’re pulling air and exhausting it from same small place your temps will run up pretty quickly. Ideally you would be bringing in fresh climate controlled air and exhausting your tent somewhere different.


All of the ILGM autoflowering strains are compact in size. You might consider them when choosing which plants to grow in that space.

4 plants will go alright keep them small around 18 inches max before flowering, and definitely need to sort out some good fresh air and somewhere to vent the heat away from your intake and keep a close eye on your temperature tents get hot quickly and easily

Thanks for the information, didnt think about that. the closet will never be fully closed, only partially when folks i really dont need knowing about growing are around. May need to investigate some other options for placement. Still want to go same size tho. I actually grew the auto mix pack outdoors for the first go round. First two jack plants we harvested got about 2 ounces each after they dried. Just harvested 3 more yesterday, Bubblegum and OG ones, look to be about the same yield. I am happy with the jack, very potent so i think they turned out alright. Think i want to try the photo plants this time to maybe get a little more time with them and be able to top and train to see how that all works out

I have the same size tent. If you open the bottom flaps that’s passive. You can do active and use a second 6" for intake and run you duct to a place it pulls in fresh air. If you go passive I wouldn’t exhaust into the same closet because then what you’d pull back in thru the flaps would be hotter already exhausted air. Make sure the fan you choose has the cfm to addequately exchange the air. Other than that I believe your on the right track. I started w 2 in my tent and removed a male so I have one that fills it up because it’s LST.

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I have a 3 x 3 x 6 tent with a HLG 320XW. 4 plants fit, but it’s really tight. It’s my first full grow with the 320XW, so I just bought a 4X4x6.5. I have an Auto Jack Herer that went to 48 inches and had to reconfigure my light hanging to accommodate her in the 3 x 3. Doubt I’ll ever try more than 3 in the 4 x 4. You should be happy with your light choice.

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OK, great to hear this will all work. I have a new spot that will work so that i will get fresh air pulling in and still b able to exhaust. How much insulation do these tents have? I am thinking of possibly using my garage as a spot for it sometimes. The garage isnt heated, but plenty of space and vents. In the winter it gets to the 40s. Would a small heater in or directly outside the tent make this feasable?

Here’s my thought . I’m in MI and grow in my finished basement. First grow started a week before Xmas last year. My basement has a separate furnace from the main floor’s, and we don’t keep it much above 62 when we are not down in the man cave. I ran an electric oil filled radiator type heater next to the tent. It helped, but cost an arm and leg to run in conjunction with everything else. Also, the air gets so dry here, we have to run humidifiers. If the air isn’t warm, it won’t hold much humidity. I’ve decided that if I do try a grow this winter, I’ll have to bump the basement furnace up a few degrees and get a humidifier just for the “tent room”.

For future use, you might consider putting the heater inside your tent so that you aren’t heating the whole room. If you oil heater is too big, they do make mini ones that would fit nicely:

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Right on, I will stick to growing in the house then. Will keep that little oil heater in mind. The spot i have now backs up to my baseboard heat, old house. Should work nicely. Really appreciate the input. Got all of the parts together and waiting for seeds and my light to get here. Kinda the most important parts, haha. Going to try going the coco route for the ‘soil’.