Starting a Super Skunk grow

Hello my grow friends. Just received my seeds from ILGM and they arrived in ten days. I purchased two 600w Mars plus a 300w Mars. After they have germanated shoud I just use the 300w until they are established?


Yes that will be perfect just starting out. Seedings don’t want or need much light


I also agree with @Daddy they don’t need much at first. @Angieg2001


Thanks for replies. I really like this site. It’s so informative and I have
learned so much from here. It’s fun to learn from expert growers.


Glad to hear you are back in the grow @Angieg2001 Tag me if you need anything Chromie

Will do bob. Good to hear from you.

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I switched the topic to “Watching” but I read a lot at a time the tag tells me to stop by and see whats up!

Looking forward to it!

Hey bud do use cal meg and if you do what kind and how much do You use. I
hear a lot of people talking about using it. I sure would like to get a
good grow this time. I’m a new b to all this nutes and stuff. Not sure
about what to use and how much or how often. I would appreciate your
advice. Chromie

I use the GH cal-mag at the beginning of flower and once at the mid point of flowering. I think it calls for one to two tsp. Autoflowering strains seem to display cal-mag issues in flower as do those growing in water and Coco. @Angieg2001

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I’m growing the skunk from the seeds I got from ILGM. I don’t think they
are autoflower. I’ll have to look when I get home. Just put them in the
dirt and waiting for them to pop up. Took four days for them to crack open.
Fingers crossed they will pick up speed and grow…lol


Hey I am growing super skunk and am in the middle stage of flowering. It is a fun strain to grow. Good luck


Hey bud will you send me some pics of your grow. My babies just broke
ground and looking good.

When I find my camera. I don’t want to use my cell phone to post them. The colas are almost 2 feet. Indoor grow. Study and compact plant. Tomorrow will be 28 days in flowering. They do require more water than the other strains that I have grown. Rapid growth is their response to watering.

That’s pretty good. Mine are out of the dirt now and I have the other
lights hung. I still have them under the 300w untill they get bigger. I’ll
post some pics soon. Thanks for the info.

Quick question. When the seeds brake ground do they consider this the beginning of vegetation. Looking at the plants here they say are in week one but have branches. Chromie here…

I grew to super skunk plants from Robert in DWC under a 600 W light in the beginning you do not use a lot of light it’s not until the flowering stage where you can turn your light all the way to 100%. I used a grow tent and air conditioner for the light I do not know if my temperatures were too cold but my buds don’t have much smell and it’s not as potent As I would’ve liked. I have cured it for a week and a half we’ll just see what happens after a month which is How long it takes to properly cure supposedly🙂

I think that’s the seedling stage when they break through the ground

There is no adjustments on these lights to control the amount of light it
puts out. I have two 600w Mars and one 300w Mars. When they get bigger I
will use the 300w to give xtra light for the bottom leaves. They say the
more lights the better your plants will produce.

That was the same train of thought that I was going with more light better plants but I’ve learned that is not the case. Move your lights further away from the plants see if that helps them grow observe it the stem stretches or if new leaves grow. The light spectrum also plays a part. My first grow was with a 600 W HPS horticulture red. Are used it from start to finish I have a dimmable ballast in order for the plant to grow I noticed I had to keep it at 50% if I raised it to 75 or 100 plants would get noticeably stressed.

Hello my grow friends. Here is a picture of girls. The little bushy one in the middle is ww and the other two are super skunk. I think they look pretty good for being so young.

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