Starting a scrog grow

Getting her trained for my 1st scrog grow. If any of you experienced scrog growers have any tips,dont hold back.
My setup is 2x4 tent under a HLG 260XL using GH Maxigrow and Bloom in Promix HP.
The genetics is ILGM Super Lemon Haze (photoperiod)


Should be good


Its super easy to use just depends on what type of netting you get that will determine how many squares you have to tuck your top colas under keep in mind its a constant tuck and train method. Some start before flower some start at the flip of flower. All your doing is trying to keep your middle open and spread your colas out to get better light penetration. Eventually the net serves as a support for your branches in late flower when they start packing on weight and can’t hold themselves up


I have that exact same netting but was planning making my own netting with smaller squares. How do you like using it?
My plan is to put the netting on in the next week or two and let the plant grow into it.

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I don’t think this net has enough squares honestly. If I could find a similar net with smaller and more squares I’d be happier but I’ve used this for 3 runs now. Almost thought about using some of my dads construction fencing for a net and zip tie to the tent poles on the 4 corners so it can still move up and down

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The pic of your plants look pretty good. 3" does look like to be the sweet spot but after seeing how yours looks,I will use these if i dont find any. I have seen ppl make their own using twine wrapped around screws that’s screwed in pvc.

Ended up breaking 2 limbs off the other day. 1 was while I was training it and the other was when I lifted it up by the handles on the grow pot🤦‍♂️
Both seem to healing fine,I’ll take the tape off in a week or two.

Update on my scrog. I’ve got the screen on now and have been tucking away. She recovered from the 2 broke limbs just fine. Later today I’ll be cleaning up underneath the screen a little. So far its going quite well. Im also using a vpd chart for the first time.

@BigCat420 I ended up making a screen with 3/4 pvc with 2.5 squares in the netting.

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That looks good man! Now make me one lol

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