Starting a new grow

I’m starting my 3rd grow, in a 2x4x63" tent. I tried the scrog last time. How many plants, I think I will do GG4, do y’all recommend? I did 5 last grow, it’s still drying. I am using a 600 w and 1200 w LEDs.

A 2’x4’ tent is really only big enough for two plants. You could squeeze in a third.

Thank you I was thinking 2 or 3.

I’ve done 2 in a 2’x4’ scrog. Pulled out about 8oz of good bud, an ounce or two of trim/popcorn.
In a 5’ tent scrog is the way to go.

I have two 2X4 tents and I’m thinking about running 2 photo plants scrogged in one tent with a QB , and 3 auto plants in the other with a meizhi 1200 and 450 advance spectrum . I did a 4 plant scrog and ran out of room on another grow . It hurt the yield and size of the buds , I think .

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