Starting A New Grow 5Gal Self watering buckets

Hi ,
There are a few people here using a system like this. I am looking for some advice?

Grow space 62 x 33 x 96
spiderfarmer led
media Pro-Mix HP
worm castings
FloraNova Line
Ro water

I am growing in 5gal buckets and copied the system with 2 buckets one on the other one. They are mounted on dial scales for my watering system (so I know when to water).

I wanted a system I could check runoff ppm. Going to feed/water thru the media when I am home but, I travel from time to time need a system for 5 days or so just in case. I can fill this and between the to buckets there 2 gal reservoir.

Root Aeration

On aerating roots. I could use Air Pump maybe? but I think I would need to be using the self watering system all the time? and the reservoir needs to be full with a air stone? (the down side too this would have cost of power to run pumps cost to buy them)

  1. can i drill 2" holes all around in both buckets would this work for aerating the roots?
    like this one I use for tomato? but i use them outside |

  1. Should I drain all the RUNOFF OR let the plans get the runoff after i have watered / feed thru media? when I am home?
    using this chart

to isw



Anyone? :worried:

Welcome to ILGM forum. I wish I could help ,I’ve not done any hydro. Good Luck hopefully someone with some experience can help out.

@peachfuzz, here it is Fuzz


hey buddy welcome to the forum!

how set are you on that design? it may be fine I am just not familiar with it… :grin:

are you looking for advice on an easy way to get into hydro I would consider Deep Water Culture I think that is what you are on your way to doing…

and I would say bigger pots are better… 25 gallon totes are a great cheap spot to start… :wink: there isnt many that start in the 5 gallon ones and don’t change… :wink:

I made a similar system for my wife to use outside for her veggies…
I’ve grown plants in them indoors and they were monsters…
Here’s a pic…

It a soil/hydro self watering , wicking system… :+1::grin::wink:


That is the system Very cool .

I think I have found answers to my questions from suggestions from all but the most information I found this system was searching AUTOPOTS and watching the setup videos on the autopot system on YouTube. a suggestion from @blackthumbbetty

On aerating roots. I will use a air pump even with no water in the tank. My thoughts on this was not only air movement growing out door vs indoors with the 5 gal bucket I can have lids or just a half lids to help humidity and with no holes in the side of the buckets this will help me control the environment better after watering with bags the humidity on the last grow I have to run a dehumidifier and this dried them as well

I have learned that autopots need a dry period.
also salts will build up if you don’t at least JUST water your plants from the top. If I used the reservoir I must water them from the top. and feed them in the reservoir. But find time for a dry period. So this is what I am going to do.

I am growing in pro-mix in just like a plan 5 gal bucket. watering and feeding form the top. However the only time I will use the reservoir is if I am traveling I will water and feed on the plants schedule thou Reservoir for about 5 day at a time. it may never get used in a grow but the reservoir will be emptied and allowed to dry when I return. At that time I will resume water/feed from the top. maybe never need this with this corona-virus LOL

This is a new system for me, To play with I will Test out how this works for me. and report back.
Always open to comments and suggestions
to @peachfuzz blackthumbbetty @Southerngal


Thanks for the suggestion I dont have the room wish I did. controlling a room in a house is much better then tent or small closet witch is what i am growing in a closet.