Starting a new Auto girl scout cookie extreme grow

Good day all and Happy Father’s Day to all you dads…

Tomorrow I’ll be starting a new grow girl scout cookie extreme autos I’ll be using Fox farm Happy frog two cubic foot bag that I added 8 quarts of perlite too.

Since they’re autos, I’ll be planting them into their final 3 gallon grow bags. All the soil and perlite is mixed I’ve added no nutrients and I have not added any water to the soil.

The seeds are just about sprouted so I’ll be putting them in tomorrow morning. Since this is my first time using Happy frog I wanted to ask a few questions

1.) I was simply going to poke a hole knuckle deep place the seed water it with a half of cup of distilled water rather than saturating the entire 3 gallon bag of soil am I correct on this?

2.) I’m very good with dialing in the specific temperatures air flow humidity levels in my 4x4 grow tent. Currently the temperature is set for 75 it doesn’t leave 75 the humidity is set at 60% and we’ll stay at 60%. Is this a good temperature and humidity level for this strand of Auto?

3.) Should I adjust the pH to a specific level when giving them the half cup of water? If so what level?

I have a ks5000 6 bar grow light set it 50% 29 in away from the top of the pot for lighting. Does this sound good?

I appreciate in advance any feedback and advice on this new strand for me.


Premoisten the area that you intend to plant. Dont worry about the whole pot of soil. Knuckle deep is plenty. Place a dome over the area and spray the inside of the dome 2 to 3 times a day. Dont worry about watering the soil as long as the dome is sprayed. Light in 24hrs on low setting. (200ppfd). 80 to 85°F if possible. When the first true set of leaves are formed, water around the base of the plant a few inches away. You want your plant to search for water. Bigger roots = bigger fruits! Welcome to the growmunity!


Thank you. So don’t use any light for the first 24hrs after planting?


I believe that is a typo. Lights on for 24 hrs until 1st set of leaves.


Sounds good to me :+1:
You could lower the light height and turn down the dimmer to save a little power but its no big deal.

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Thanks HMGRWN :+1:


The light manufacturer chart said 250w during the seedling stage at 29 in from the canopy. Nevertheless I can drop it some and turn it down
thank you!


Yes, that was a typo. 24 hrs lights on until 1st set of true leaves


Okay guys here’s an update…
Four seeds soaked in distilled water for 24 hours. Three of the four sunk. One of the four floated no matter how many times you poked on it. 24 hours later the seeds went on a seating mat at 70° for 24 more hours.

Three out of the four popped out a quarter inch root and the fourth seed did absolutely nothing.

The three seeds that cooperated went into the final pots (3 gal bags) in fresh Happy frog potting soil lightly moistened. Hole dead center knuckle high replaced with light dirt on the top not packed down. Solo cup humidity domes (they work perfect). Lightly misting a couple times a day just in the center and keeping the humidity domes nice and wet.

I dialed the tent in to the strands absolute perfect specifications and it hasn’t went up or down one single degree since June 19th (yes I’m the tent Master) relative humidity 65% temperature 75° The viparspectra ks5000 light 24hrs at 28 inches from the canopy running 50%

All the equipment is top of the line I spared no expense to buy the best quality grow material money can buy. I followed every direction to the T as far as I know :flushed:

So far absolutely nothing has come out of the soil. Everything was planted on June 19th at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. (3-1/2 days). :sob:

Is this normal or am I just being impatient? Looking around other people’s GSCE tends to pop up and 24 to 40 hours.

Also I’d like to point out, you guys are the best I feel very comfortable here. I think I found the grow home!


It is quite normal for them to take up to a week to pop up if ya can even say there is a “normal”.

Sometimes like you said it will be up within 24hrs, but from my experience, while that does happen, its not the norm :sweat_smile:
1 week no green I’d start to wonder and maybe start to dig around a little bit very gently to see if the seed has rotted :thinking:
2weeks no green and I’m dropping more seeds…

Its hard to be patient but thats about all you can do at this point :man_shrugging:

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Since I posted yesterday one seed has popped up and looks quite happy and healthy no drooping no bending. I was lucky enough to get a couple gallons of rainwater last night as well. I believe the newbies love the rainwater.

As for the one that’s popped up should I now remove the dome cover?

Temperature staying around 73° in the tent and the relative humidity in the tent about 62%

The light is still 27 inches away at 50%.

Do I seem like I’m good? Got my fingers crossed that the others will pop in a day or so.
Thank You :+1:

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1 outta 3 popped up (took 4 days)

Sure, that temp and RH and good.

Looks good to me so far, just remember they don’t need alot of water at first, over watering seedlings is the most common mistake all growers make, not just new growers.

@1HappyPappy I just mist around it lightly when it dries

It’s been 5 days and the other three hasn’t popped. I think I’m about ready to give up on it. How long do you think I should wait? I’ve never had to take 5 days

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Ok, knowing that 6 days is too long for a seedling to sprout in my opinion. The longest sprout I’ve ever had prior to this grow was 3 days…

Nevertheless, plant number one of four the one that popped yesterday is looking very happy and very healthy.

I decided on plant number two and plant number 3 that has not sprouted yet since June 19th 6 days ago I would move up a little of the pinch dirt that I used to fill the seedling hole and see if I could get a bird’s eye view.

Sure enough there she was just about to break ground yellow as piss. Not sure if she’s dead or dressed up for Halloween as a banana.

If she’s not dead I don’t think there’s much hope for her. I lightly misted the dome and put it back over her. I’ll check on her in the morning.

Whatcha think?

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Should be green once shes gets some light she will start makeing chlorophyll and look normal :+1:

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Your soil is still wet. Too wet. The soil should be completely dry if doing this, as the plant gets the moisture it needs via the humidity in the dome. The #1 cause of seedling loss, by far, is overly wet soil and they should only get a few ml of water per day if not using a dome to prevent root rot. Roots need oxygen. All a seedling has is a single tap root. It’s difficult for the plant to extract oxygen from the soil if it is chronically wet, hence the recommended wet/dry cycles for cannabis. A cannabis plant will tolerate dry soil far better than it will withstand wet soil.

Start watering a few ml a day when the plant outgrows the dome.


@MidwestGuy I haven’t been watering the actual soil I simply been adding about 10 squirts of mist to the dome when the dome looks as if it’s lost 50% of its humidity water.

It’s a Ulta fine mister. I totally understand that the plant is far forgiving on underwatering than overwatering which is why I’ve never physically misted the soil itself. Nevertheless I’ll cut back on misting the actual dome as much.

About a half hour ago I grabbed plant number three that never came up. I slightly scratched the surface of the dirt and nothing there I went down a half inch and the seed was still there with the initial tap-root that’ll had never grown any further since I planted it on June 19th.

Soils not packed whatsoever at any point in the pot. I added 650 g of double buffered coco coir to the 2 cubic ft bag of happy frog giving the soil and extremely airy easy to move around home for the girls. So I personally don’t think they had a struggle to break ground however, I’m not trying to make excuses we all fail we all make mistakes but we can’t learn from them if we don’t know what they are just trying to get to the root of the issue.

In the meantime, I’ve taken the dome off the struggling yellow baby girl so she can grab some light for a few hours and I’ll replace it (do you think that’s sufficient?)

The struggling girl has straightened up with her Lee’s pointing up showing she has gained some energy. I do notice some of the yellow starting to fade (slowly to Green)

The other girl has not grown very much but the leaves have slightly widened she looks pretty normal. I think there is an ever so lightly detected yellowish to her.

I’m just going to set them and forget them. (Figuratively speaking) thanks guys :kissing_heart:

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Looks like you are on the right track

@MidwestGuy :kissing_heart:

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