Starting a journal (indoors)

I have a question guys. I made my soil with FF and perlite, in 5 gal cloth pots. They ended up quite damp just from moisture in the FF bags. I had set them in the tent before I got my seeds to sprout. Question should i keep the pots damp because they are drying out. Is it going to be problem to rewet them again?

@BeeKeeper2, they love flood and drought cycles, pick up the bag, if it feels like their is no water in it, time to flood. Hope this helps

I have a question about preventive measures for pests. Read here recently about spider mites. They ruined a indoor attempt I made years ago. Didnt know about them and internet was just starting. I had cobwebs before I realized I had a problem. Do you guys use neem on plants without symptoms? Something else every other time?

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I do use neem on all my plants for one week during veg. I don’t do it for the bug prevention tho. I do it for the fungacide just as a preventative measure.

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Thanks @RandomlyRan… Do people use anything a preventive for bugs and that? Also Ran I have all the materials for that light build. May start that today. Got 1x1x1/16 angle, I’ll make it work.

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Neem works for bugs…I only personally use it for the fungacide but that could be why I only had one pest problem last year and it was before I started neem.

On the light I used 1/8’ thickness. We would have to ask @dbrn32. Is 1/16 thick enough for the angle? Just wondering heat disappation wise?

@Randomly, @dbrn32… Ran, dbrn, I’m using 4 of QB120s v2. I want to run the driver outside the tent. Does driver need any type of heat sink outside the tent in-line with power cord? Thanks again guys…

No mines screwed to the wall outside my tent.

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Probably, will be flimsy though.

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Hey guys @dbrn32 and @RandomlyRan

about the angle, it really isn’t flimsy but I think I screwed up anyway. I was looking at it when I put first board on. Should I have made it wider so less of the board was on the long angles. They will not touch the cross pieces. Picture of here.

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If its ok like it is should I use heat tape on those sides? On the plant side… My girls are one week old today, tomorrow. @dbrn32 @RandomlyRan @Zee @Hellraiser @repins12


I think it’ll be fine as is.

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@BeeKeeper2, plants are looking healthy! Keep doing what you’re doing! They will start taking off. Your lights and plants are making progress! :slight_smile:

Thanks @RandomlyRan Its like 43 inches long. I want to use it for half of my 4x4. Do you like it? Anything you would do?

Thanks @Zee I’ve been following @Hellraiser a little! Pretty neat stuff there…LOL

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I do. It will veg your whole 4x4. I built mine in a square but 6 of one half dozen of another I guess.

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Thanks @RandomlyRan

I agree it’s fine. Also would have built more in square to veg 4x4.

I concur with what all above have said. Looking good. :+1: :v: