Starting a ILGM 6 White Widow AF Grow

From my experience with this ww auto strain plants that size usually put off an oz.
I’m excited to see your end result.

I am flowering about 10 of these at a time because they don’t put off much.

However, I do have 3 plants that should go at least 80 -85 days and I’m hoping for 3oz per plant.

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The blocks are working well so far to even the height of the canopy.


Just for fun. My two “rejects”. They are outside…burr. Notice the runt…cute…Lol.

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Some pics from my Canon.

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Lookin real fine. Would you recommend using 3 or 5 gallon smart pots? I have a 2’x2’x4 1/2’ grow tent and using cfls. Can you also tell me what you’re using for catch pans for your smart pots and where you got them? Thanks.

I’m using 3 gallon fabric pots to save space and also they are autoflower so they mature fast.
The trays are just cheap clear plastic ones I got at a nursery. I really could use deeper and smaller diameter trays. Next grow.

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Appreciate it. I have ww autos on the way, I hope. I guess I’ll get the 3 gallon since my grow space is limited. I’ll use the 5 gallon I bought for my tomatoes. lol

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The stretching has slowed and the flowers are coming on these White Widow autoflowers.
What strikes me about this LEC is how well the light penetrates.

31 days from seed.

36 days old. I added my T5HO fixtures to provide a little heat and humidity burn off.
So far so good. Temp is up to high 70s and RH% has dropped to 55 and falling.
Exhaust fan is set to a lower speed and with the added heat it runs constantly which helps.

I’ve noticed these last two days a “thickening” taking place. :slight_smile:
Maybe the added T5’s was a good thing?

looking good. man you get some super quality pics. pricey cam?

I use my Samsung Galaxy S4 mostly. This last pic was with my Canon Rebel T4i DSLR. I don’t have a macro lens. That’s my next lens purchase when I get the money saved.

Trichs are still mostly clear even though hairs are turning red. The plant I bent the tip over on is maturing slower than the others but it was that way prior to my LST.

Patience and watching the trichomes is what’s needed now.
Not bad for 46 days from seed. The LEC grow light is kicking butt! :slight_smile:


Getting close.
Here’s the latest.
Trichomes 75% cloudy
Leaves turning yellow
Lots of red hairs
I tested my runoff, for what it’s worth, after watering with pure rainwater (76 ppm).
The readings:
6.0 ph
1300 ppm
I’m thinking just rainwater from here on out.
Sounds about right?

they sure are looking yummy. and ready.
im about 3-4 weeks behind you with my WW.

im curious what yield estimate you have come up with? i know its a guess but im curious.

i get the feeling you get near christmas when young…where you just want to go to sleep and hope the time zips by lol.

looks good man, happy harvesting!

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I’ll let you know how much harvest I get.

Damn these White Widow autoflowers are very dank smelling. A great air freshener…LOL.
Trichomes all cloudy and some amber with fan leaves mostly yellow.

I’m pleased with how quickly this went. 51 days from seed. Mad props to the LEC. LOVE THIS LIGHT.
I’ll post dried results later.