Starting a ILGM 6 White Widow AF Grow

One other thing that I’ve found is the ww auto grows faster if the temp is warmer
I get best results at 81 degrees and 50% humidity.

I’ve even pushed them to 84-86 but they like the 80-82 range best

I get more bud sites too than running 75

Thanks for that tip!
I’m down to 4 now.
More space to work with for now.

They look great. This is my auto tent all the big plants are ww autos.
I love this strain!!


Oh wow!!

How many days in?

I have plants in the tent in all stages.

There are 3 huge plants in there that are about 40 days old

I also have 6 more growing that are 2 weeks old ready to go in after harvest

Nutrients I use on the ww auto is
Big bloom
Grow big
And beastie bloom


I will be doing a grow journal on my next grow
I am starting to get into this forum.


noob question here…why the attraction to autos . Wouldn’t you rather control when they go into bloom cycle?

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I had seeds I bought. My next grow will be photos.

Autos are the fastest way to some good bud
I would grow forever if they could be cloned

This is my last batch of autos now that I have two rooms!

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Autos can be flowered under almost any light cycle or type which means you can give them 24/7 if you wish and light adds up to faster and more growth. I prefer fem myself simply because I like to clone and top and train basicaly like to play in my jungle so they are too file and forget for me :wink:

Close up of the pre-flowering.
I’m at 24 days now and it seems strange to feed them bloom nutes this early. Should I start?

New grower. WW autos on the way, I hope. You did a great job on this journal! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. I’ve been learning this strain. Completely different than my last grow. I am still very careful with the nutrients. Autos seem to be more sensitive to nutes. I start them diluted by half or more since I’m in soil. The first 3 weeks they basically got diluted fresh “tea” made by a local hydro store every Sunday and rainwater I collect. The tea even started to tip burn them so i backed off.
All good now and I’m starting to bloom nute then.

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Just gave them a bloom nute mix.

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They look great man
Keep us updated. They flower super fast in 2 weeks they will be covered in buds!

I think you could squeeze several more in your tent. I would do at least 6-8 in there.

Thanks. Yeah I debated leaving the other 2 in but one was a tiny runt and the other was kinda small.

I like the extra space but your point is well taken. Oh and my drip trays collided in there too.

Also, to control my growing environment better I moved the light schedule to 24/0. Full time light.
We’ll see how they do.

Good move.

Environment is everything.
A perfect environment is the key to big healthy plants and a big yield more so than anything in my book. (I learned this the hard way lol)

You should be looking at a 1/4 pound harvest off those 4 plants

I got about a half a pound from my previous grow of four under a Mars Hydro 900 LED. That LED wattage rating is misleading. It didn’t pull that wattage from the wall. About half that.

2 Northern Lights
2 Fast&Vast.

This light puts out better light although it will be impossible to compare results considering this is a totally different strain of autoflowers.