Starting a Hydroponic Grow - Any Advice?

First grow is in the books. Six plants in a Vivosun tent, just over a pound of buds yielded (dry weight). Needless to say, I’m pleased with the results.

I decided to double this next grow and grow half the plants hydroponically. I’ll be transferring clones, currently growing in soil, to the hydroponic environment. Any advice? I’ve ordered Jacks 321 nutes for the hydroponic grow. Could I have used my Fox Farms nutrients?


Jacks 321 is great for hydro
What type of hydro are you going to do?
I prefer rdwc

It depends which ff nuets you are taking about but most of them would not be stable and would require consistent water changes.

With jacks 321 you can use the same water for a while and just add to it

DWC. I have to admit, I didn’t look before I leaped and just bought the first reasonably priced system I found. I suspect that the 3 1/2 gallon buckets that come with it might be small and might have to be upgraded.

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