Starting a grow

A question from a fellow grower:

Thanks for all your help and I definitely looking forward to start my own garden. I just have a lot in my mind right now, one of the things that I’m concerned about its the number of plants I want to start with! I don’t know I’m thinking maybe 10-15. I’m willing to put a few hundred maybe thousand bucks on it. I have a few question for you. How many plants you think it would fit perfect in a 100 square ft?? I’ll be growing in a basement; do I really need a carbon filter system for the garden?

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First Welcome to ILGM you have come to the right place.

OK…first you need to download. " Roberts Bergmans " Book The Grow Bible reading this book and it’s FREE will give you a much better on-site on growing and how to use you basement to your advantage.
It would make more sense to divide that 100 sq. Ft into three sections
1.). Your seedling grow later could be used for clones

2.). Your vegg room

3.). Your flower room

Each room sealed off from each other. Keeping light out.



A carbon filter is not a must if your not worried about anyone smelling them

@garrigan62 i agree, i downloaded the bible and it has helped so much. Along with this forum and these guys, ya just can’t go wrong. :grinning::seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:
How exciting !!