Starting a grow journal! Scrog attempt

Defoliated and flipped.

Not sure it’s all good but it’s my first time so here we go.

I’m seeing balls right :frowning::cry::cry:


Thank s for the advice in advance y’all. But I think I got a herm or male.

Looks like pollen sacks to me


Well it’s coming out this morning. In house genetics fem divine storm. Now I am nervous about the crybaby kush beans from same breeder. Was gonna run them next round. Maybe not. :cry:

A little update 3 weeks and a few days into flower. Had to rip out the herm and so far the rest are fine. Here’s some pics.

I also added some co2 (xlbag)
I think it’s going good I’m happy. Would have been way more crowded if the one didn’t herm.

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Looks fantastic. Really like that pic

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Thanks. It’s been a fun grow for sure.

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