Starting a grow journal! Scrog attempt

Hey y’all super new to growing third round going for bang. Scrog attempt.
Dragon spit fem seeds
Germ in jiffy cubes and dome.
Scrog setup 3.5x3.5
4 plants
4 lights two 600w blurple mistakes and two 1000 led. Will rid the blurple after this grow.
Fox farm ocean soil
Going with the trio for nutes
Makeshift room 5x7

Day one of seedling
6 days in starting to wet soil a tad bit more

Using the blurple during seedling until until the led lands on the first. 16 inches from the tops.
Room is staying between 73-75f day 68f night
Humidity ranges 55-63 throughout the day.


Ten days above the dirt and 3rd set coming.
Room temps 73-77 day 65 night
Humidity 60-63 day 51 at night.
Still under one blurple 600 w 16 inches from top.
Siting in 4 inch jiffy pots ffof
2oz of water in the am ph 6.5


Well the ladies got there final home today. New lights and they look happy. Here are some pics of them at 12 days and the grow spot. Topping them tomorrow. Fingers crossed. The two in pots on table will have homes next week. Not with the 4

Here they are day 16 topped slow going and the lady in the back is looking to happy…

Got them starting their training

Month above the dirt and I must say f@$k blurples.

Will be purchasing different lights after this grow and tossing them.
Here are some pics feel free to drop knowledge

Had to change up the plan on the table. Dropped the net and slow going.
Temps at 77 day 65 at night. Humidity staying 55-50 most plants came out 368 ppm one at 1256 and another at 753. Ph out 6.4 on all but the one with 6.2 that’s the one with the high ppm. Here’s some pics.

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@Randy_Marsh @dbrn32 @Michgrow any advice I’m grabbing a new battery for tads meter but they look happy just slow growth.

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You topped earlier than I would have, that may have slowed them down some. I think your plants look nice and healthy anyways. Just keep pushing those tops under screen and hopefully will start filling up pretty quickly.

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Thanks for the info. I topped at what I thought was in between 4-5 node. Is that when to ? Should I have let I grow a bit before topping it or at a later node ? Appreciate the advice @dbrn32

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I don’t typically top them at all. If I were to top, would wait until there was 5 sets of true leaves. Looking back at your pics, looks like there possibly only 2 sets of leaves remaining after topping?

If you keep tops tucked sideways under screen it will encourage lowers to shoot up to replace the top. Aa such, is more about how many branches you have than how many tops you have. From looks of it, you just didn’t have that much to work with and are now waiting for the plants to develop a little more in order to start filling your screen. Ultimately you should end up in same place. In my experience there just wasn’t a lot of plant leftover after topping, which takes a little longer to recover.


Looks like your plants are doing really good after topping, I usually top them after 3or 4 sets of leaves but then again I don’t train my plants under nets use them for holding up branches so they don’t fall over. I also let my plants get to 5 feet tall before flipping. Just keep doing what your doing they look great.

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this plant is 61/2 feet tall

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Those look awesome man thanks for the feedback. This is my first time with the screen. Seeing oceans retirement grow made me jones for some training. Already got seeds popped to give it a go. I have others growing to I’ve got a growing bug in me. Thanks again man @Michgrow

I wouldn’t get rid of the blurple. You can add just blue light to your regular white and that will have your plant grow bushier, closer nodes. If you want some stretch change out blue for red. What I use my blurple for. Flower setting to make the stem stretch. Now veg to keep nodes close. Which those lights are wrong about the colors anyway. Colors do nothing different no matter what stage the plant is in. You do want green light, so you can see problems. And the PAR spectrum we all grew up with is basically being thrown out the window. See Dr Bruce Bugbee on youtube for the latest research on medical hemp at some college somewhere. but basically I learned yesterday that almost everything I learned here about lights was only half correct. no one’s fault. We just weren’t doing the research on that level yet and them in the Netherlands do not share secrets.


21 days above. As I said above.

Thanks for the advice budz I’ll probably end up keeping them to have separate grows going. I’m always up for some research articles thanks for the link. Cheers.

Thinking I may flip it this weekend.

The front two plants are taking over. I’m worried I may run out of room.

So if I gather the video right it was saying we could give them so much more light ? That’s what I pulled from it. I may have to watch again. But thanks again for the link man.

Theoretically you can increase light exponentially as long as you increase all other factors. But at some point your plant is on fire or being blown away by the wind required. Also the second light tested is about the strongest on the market. Over 3k ppfd at 12". Would roast most plants unless somehow conditioned for it. Full sun in summer max’s at 2k ppfd. To be using more than 2k you have to be providing better conditions than mother nature can. Meaning supplementing co2 and upping feed/water frequency and air movement/exchange.