Starting a Farm in Colorado

Hey…I have found a Property in Colorado on several acres with a HUGE Barn. This Barn would be perfect for setting up a Grow House for Several Thousand Plants In 1 of the Few County that allows both Medical/Recreational Growing.
Could sell to Dispensaries around Colorado, or if you own a Dispensary I would be happy to do a Exclusividy Deal.
I am looking to live on the Property, and Be in charge of the Growing, and Distribution
What I Need:
Investor/Partner to put out initial funds for Property, Barn Convertion, Licensees, State Registration, and Possible Payroll.
Again, I would be The work force and Hire People if needed.
I would live on Property to Grow, Harvest and Distribution
There is Room To Build a 2nd or 3rd Barn, maybe more, if business takes off.
Willing to do an 80/20 Profit Sharing Partnership with the Investor or Investors receiving 80% of All Profits, and I make 20% for my pay. I believe this to be a Solid Investment with Room to Grow.
If you are already a Resident of Colorado that would be Great as we should be able to start a Grow as Soon as the Barn is Updated.

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what experience do you have growing?

what do you expect your operating budget to be?

have you applied for any other licensure to be a large scale legal op yet?

how do you plan to stage harvests?

how much product do you plan to produce in a year?

how will you get high quality water, municipal or well?

how will u deal with waste water?

how will you deal with pests like mold fungus and insects?

will you lab test you product or set up your own lab?

how will u provide security?

how will you transport product to dispensary?


All Good Questions, and I will try to answer as best as I can.

I had grown for an Herb Farm for 4 years. One of the small greenhouses hidden in the Back did Marijuana Grows. It was Basically my baby from Planting to Harvest. It was a lot smaller size then this one.

And if I needed help I would seek out help

Operating Budget- I Believe that Initial Imvrstment from a Partner would be Under $1 Million. The cheapest part is buying the Property which 46 acres with House and Huge Barn for $200k. I’m thinking maybe $200 or less to Update the Barn into a Grow House

The License and Forms to File will be added into the Budget. I have Not applied for Anything yet as I would need to be on the Property 1st. I have also been in Customer Service for over 25 years.

The Harvest Staging- I will most likely Stage it out based on Pre-Orders. Otherwise I will be doing an initial Grow with about 1/2 the Plants the Notmal Grow would be, in order to make sure everything is working Right with Product.

Then it would be staged based on Variety, and how quickly we need to have sellable Product

Product Priduced- depends on a variety of Factors such as (Strains Being Grown, amount of Plants “lowest permit allows for up to 1800 plants, How Many Grows, etc. But if we grew 1800 plants and only did 1 grow at a rate of 1 pound per Plant that would be 1800lbs. I believe since the Grow will be indoors under Ideal Condiituons we will have Multiple Grows per year as well as Higher Yield Rates.

Water- There is a Well on the Property for the Barn. My plan is to set up a Very Large Sistern to fill with Mountain Well Water. There I could do 1 of 2 things.

  1. Add Needed Minerals to that Saved Water

  2. Pull part of that water into another tank just for mixing.

I would Test the ph and work to match it up to the Needs of the Plants.

Haven’t looked into Waste Water Yet

Disease and Insects- I am hoping that through the Design of the Interior of the Barn that there should be Minimal to No Issues, At Least with Insects. My Design is meant to keep out almost everything unless it comes in on Seeds or Soil, unless we Hydroponic Grow. I will seek out the Best Ways to Deal with those Problems that will take care of the Problem and keep the Current Grow Clean.

Lab Testing- It would Not be the Farms Responsible for Testing. This is Only Necessary if we sell to Public. Dispensaries and places that make Concentrate or Food Products to do the Testing.

Security- Cameras on Perimeter of Property, Property Entrance, Perimeter of Grow Barn, Inside Grow House (So I can See the Grow while I’m not in the Barn), on my House Too. Will Have Gated Enterance. Security System Inside Home and Grow Barn with Motion Sensors at the Property Entrance to be an Alarm at Night, and inform of anybody entering or Leaving. Barn Grow House will have Great Locks with only myself and Investor/Partner have the keys. Will have other Protections as well.

Deliver Product- That Somewhat Depends on Size it Grow, Contracts, and Distence being Driven. I can Start with my Truck with Locking Tailgate and Cover. If it is Many Orders over Varuous Differences, then will need to hire Drivers and Vans.

Of Course with Drivers I would Implement Security Standards. One idea I have is to have the Product in a Lock Box that I would have a Key, and each Customer would have a Keys for their Lock Boxes. Also, there would be Paperwork signed and Filed.

One more thing: This Property is so Unique that it could be Rented for Events such as Smoke Out Parties, Weddings, Family Reunions, or whatever a Client Would Like. I would do Thank You Celebrations each year for our Clients. They could get Full Tours of the Grow Barn, and see if there is anything they want to add onto orders or increase order of Certain Strains.

I Forecast that it would take less then 2 years to make back Initial Investment as Long As Everything goes to Plan with Contingencies added in

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Better idea I see working.
The Investor or Investors help me purchase the land with the Title in my name, and the Company can operate on the Property
During the Build Out inside the Barn which I have a design idea for, the Investor pays something like $6000 per month Lease and Salary while the Barn is being Finished.
Once the Investors make back their Money, I will ask for $6000 per month or 20% of Profits, whichever is higher
I will still be a part of the Company, and continue to work the Grows, Harvests and Distribution of Goods.
I feel that would be a good deal for All Parties