Starting a couple of Girls Scout Cookies Extreme, third new grow

2021-01-12-16-33-02 GSCE 3 Pics of a couple of trichomes, still to early. These GSCE were planted October 5th. The colas are big and very thick.2021-01-12-16-28-16 GSCE 2021-01-12-16-28-27 copy 2021-01-12-16-30-14 GSCE 2


I see mostly clear still, you could be a few weeks from harvest

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Yes I agree. These girls are taking their time

Plants looking great!

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lol, I won’t post any close up of the leaves, embarrassing.

Ok, as you suggested I mixed the one gallon I usually mix. it came out at just over 1400 PPM’s today. I then added water and measured and added some more lol. I stopped at 1 3/4 gallons where the PPM’s read at 938. I am guessing going to 2 gallons those numbers will drop to 900 or very close. I guess I will just split the feed between the two plants? For grins i dropped a calibration weight on the scale and it was right on. Also recalibrated the Apera pen and it was right on as well.

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Pictures as of today. This plant seems to be ahead of the second2021-01-21-13-12-541 2021-01-21-13-14-221 2021-01-21-13-14-331 2021-01-21-13-15-261 2021-01-21-13-16-171 2021-01-21-13-16-441 2021-01-21-13-17-391

next post will have the second plant


2021-01-21-13-31-041 2021-01-21-13-33-551 2021-01-21-13-34-541


@LFSHUMP. Sorry, your iPad doesn’t do this. Just tried it with mine, lol.

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Getting close on that first one!


here are picture of the first plant



and second plant


NO… not that good. I’m not spending 150.00 for a damn meter. Bite me.

29 bucks on amazon

Just ordered one. I’m sure I can see just fine.

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You will know