Starting a couple of Girls Scout Cookies Extreme, third new grow

Lol, 100 ways to skin the cat. Thanks, first I have heard of it

And I should add, just got a 25 pound bag of Jack’s Part B, and a similar size bag this coming week of Part A, so I have nutes for a very long time. I do grow lots of vegetables as well, and always looking for a simple way to feed, so I will certainly go investigate it.

20-10-20 is the base nutrient mix Dr. Bruce Bugbee uses in his 30+ years of studying hemp and plants at Utah State University. He is also a founder of Apogee Instruments.
This is an introduction to him and where I got this from. 45 minutes well spent. Myfriends410 gave the referral

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Thanks, just over at the company web site reading about it.

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The girls yesterday. I am having to raise the light every other day, impressive growth. Hope the pics show clearly the one plant that was fimmed. It took to it very well and the second one I had planned on topping but left alone just to compare. They are certainly liking the Jack’s nute regimen. had been feeding daily and 2 days ago the feed and plants caught up to each other and the outgoing PPM’s were a bit higher than the incoming, so I didn’t feed two days ago. I fed yesterday and the numbers were almost the same, so maybe every 2 days is the sweet spot for now. Enjoying very much not having any burnt tips or other signs that I can see of any deficiency.


Looks like you have some critters munching on your leaves.

lol, no. That is the way they start out funky looking as they are growing so darn fast, and the one that was fimmed does have some chopped leaves but I am pretty sure there are no bugs. Will triple check this morning though.

Just checked with the loupe, and no signs of any critters that i could see. It is confined to 2-3 leaves on the same plant. I am sure I had something to do with it, no telling. rest of plant and her sister are perfect

good. I know I have put holes in some leaves when I staple through them doing LST

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They look great!

Thanks, your are well on the way

The girls yesterday, you should be able to see the one that was fimmed to the right. They are beginning to show a few pistils, so flowers may be on the way shortly


These are supposed to be Autos!! tall one to the left is 5’2" and growing a couple of inches every night. her sister is only 4’10", but it was fimmed. They look great in early flower. Today is 8 weeks since they sprouted. They were transplanted on the 20th of October. These girls make take a while to finish

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And i will soon run out of adjustment on the light, amazing!!

Boy did they stretch out on you. The buds on the bottom sure are a long distance from the light.

The darn light is right on them, some days, the left plant is just about to touch the light!! So much for light burn. They sure are liking the Jack’s recipe, and I am only feeding them every other day

I have a buddy I just got started on growing when I planted these. I gave him some WW Autos. His have some major foxtailing going on, and appear to be much further along than mine. He only has a SF1000 light that I told him would not be enough. Mine are just growing!!! Absolutely no tip burn or other deficiencies, first time I have managed this, lol. Must be the Jack’s.

We are 1 day apart. Friday was my 8 week mark.
Your girls are looking great! The girls are definitely liking jacks, how do you like working with it so far?

Can you bend the main cola over and tie it off. Bend just enough to gain a couple of inches. Then do it again tomorrow. You do not want to super crop - just gently bend it over, maybe 45 degrees for now. During the grow it looks like the light was set too high and this caused so much stretching between the nodes.

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Yes, I did have the light too high initially. manufacturers recommendations be damned, 18-24" is way to high. But it has been darn near on top of them for a good while now, and they just keep on growing. Seems like it all happens overnight. I can set it 4-5" from the tallest one, and next morning it is next to the light again. Will it be ok to bend it over? I will certainly try, may need to take tranquilizers, lol.

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