Starting a 1 plant grow


A question from a fellow grower:

What would be the easiest way to go about growing one plant? MUST I absolutely buy soil, or can I use any decent soil? If going indoor, what are the cheapest usable lights? I’m green in this area, so any help is appreciated. Also, what is the best strain to start out with that will yield the best amount of buds? Indica is my favorite. Thanks.


O.G.Kush is a good beginner strain , and CFL’s are budget friendly , a HPS light and ballast is also cost friendly , it really is a matter of your choice , even T5’s can also grow .


Any decent soil for fruits and vegetables will probably work fine, but the soil alone might not be enough to supply everything the plant will need its entire life-cycle, and you might want to add perlite to the soil for better drainage.

CFL or T5 fluorescent lights are often the easiest for most people to start with. But HID lights are actually more efficient for the amount of electricity they use compared to the amount of light they put out, and the prices for a decent set up are getting very affordable, but dealing with the heat might be an issue, however, high output fluorescent lights and LED lights can put out some decent heat themselves. I personally prefer LED, but it will take more research and effort to get a good deal on LEDs, but in the end they are the most efficient on your electric bill and generally create the least heat, which is also gentler on your electric bill by not having to spend as much operating as much in fans to get rid of excessive heat.

White widow is a great hardy durable strain with a great yield, often recommended for beginners.

happy growing,