Starting 4th week of flower can I make a difference?

i am addressing some deficiencies tomorrow and that begins week 4. Is it too late to increase yield etc?

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i’m not sure if i’m getting your question @Fever,it’s never to late to try increasing yield…imo

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What’s my chances at that stage?

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do you have a picture of the plant? i’d say you had a good chance to increase you yield at that stage,how much would the kicker…

Uploading… not in natural light that’s not the whole plant btw

you may try re-sending picture it has not uploaded yet… @Fever

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what are the details for your girl…how long is posted for flowering time?

if there’s 4 weeks or more to go, that’s too long to go deficient, you’ll decrease yield.

I’m confused @kabongster if it’s 4 weeks or more to go I will decrease yield? What if I have 8-10 weeks to go? The more time the more time to fix things. Maybe I misunderstood your response

I meant you have a lot of time still …to not fix it would be a bigger problem with 4+ weeks to go.

to not fix it with a month to go would decrease yield.

what is the deficiency?

I see a twisted, burned or deficient leaf… extra phosphorous is needed during flowering


is that what they call ‘‘clawing’’? @kabongster

clawing usually relates to nitrogen toxicity, and leaf tips curling down and a dark green color

flowering is a bad time for too much nitrogen, it decreases bud size and quality.

there are some varieties that can claw easier, maybe Kush types, I think, not sure on the strains.


ahhh,thank you for setting me straight.


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It’s phosphorus due to ph the nutes are there :slight_smile: thanks!

a lot of growers are not sure of flowering times, discontinuing nutrients thinking harvest is just around the corner but in many cases, there are 4-6 weeks left, enough time to fix a problem rather than just watch it progress.

I’m not saying you @Fever, but the plants get hungry now, making those big buds is hard work.

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Unfortunately I don’t have an exact flower time as I have 2 plants that got swapped and both are in the same 4th week. 1 is Acapulco gold the other skunk # 1

Skunk is 60 days and the gold is 83 days of flower.

I am counting the flip as week 1, I don’t know if they are waiting the obligatory 2 weeks before counting.


Probably are counting the flowering only I minus the first 2 weeks of flowering in 12 12 from my expectations and still ended up waiting a bit longer than it said for white widow and could have give it longer as the amber was not even 40 % on my trichs